An Internet Business Model
For Small Businesses

For any Internet Business Model to be successful - and success includes the happiness of those involved - it must recognise the fundamental difference between the way offline and online businesses attract customers or clients, and the way they secure sales. The two approaches are fundamentally different.

Happiness in business contributes to financial success

Offline: location, location, location

You've probably heard the slogan for offline business: that it's all about location, location, location - meaning that a key to success is positioning your business near to where its potential customers are situated or pass by in large numbers.

Online: information, information, information

A successful Internet business model will recognise that the Internet is a different animal altogether.

Firstly, get found: There are literally millions of websites out there competing for customers. So the first challenge to you - especially if you're not one of the well-known brands like Pepsi, Nike, Canon, and the like - is to get people to actually find you. The offline model for this is different from the online model.

Secondly, provide free information: People surfing the Internet are, at least initially, looking for information, and usually free information. So, if you want to be successful online you'll need an Internet business model in which you provide lots of focussed quality information free of charge. This is not the case in an offline business.

Thirdly, pre-sell YOU: Once your website has been found, and you have provided enough free information on your website, how do you get those people to buy from you, or to buy from the people whose products or services are offered on your site? Your site visitors don't know you. They cannot see you in person to pick up your 'vibe', so to speak. They don't know what your reputation is like. They don't know if you're operating one of those Internet scams, or if you are a genuine product/service provider who's not there to rip people off. The dice are loaded against you ... unless, you know the rules of the game and have a sound system to work with.

Having your own website is pretty much a given

Some online business operators, especially those promoting income opportunities, tell you that you can be successful without even having your own website. I don't believe that at all - unless you are expecting to promote your business via mass spam e-mail campaigns to people who don't even know you. And these days webmail services such as Gmail have such sophisticated anti-spam filters that most junk mail automatically gets sent directly to the system's SPAM mail box, and rightly so. Viva Gmail!

Building a successful website can be easy

Building your own website and online business might sound intimidating, but actually it need not be. I will give you a link to a system that has the most comprehensive set of tools and tutorials I have ever seen online in one place. You can access much of that information and several additional e-book guides free of charge. And if you decide to use their system for hosting and building your site, it is quite affordable - in fact, it is the best value for money I have come across anywhere on the Internet.

Their system includes a detailed step-by-step process which, if followed to the letter, will take you on the road to financial success. The tutorials are very understandable, and people from all walks of life, with absolutely no experience with website building or blogging, have become very successful using this system.

If you were to ask me what Internet business model I would recommend for small business, or for a work-from-home business, I would have no hesitation in recommending that system. It's not a get-rich-quick method by any means. Every business takes some time to build up, and an Internet business is no different in that regard. But if you use a proven Internet business model success is more likely and will come much sooner than without one.

Access the full business model Action Guide - FREE

Before you decide which online business systems to use, I recommend you get a fuller understanding of what a successful Internet business model entails. You can view the Actions Guide's detailed video tutorials or read the written version, or use both.

Click here to access the free Action Guide

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