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Inspirational Life Quotes By Edewede Oriwoh

by Edewede Oriwoh

21st century: The world is now a place where my business is your business and we are quickly approaching a point where no man can suffer alone anymore.

- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

When you go to bed, my child, don't sleep, dream. - Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

The Internet: a place where people can now be themselves and/or anybody else.
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

Don’t be so afraid to fall that you don’t bother getting up at all
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

Some cry for designer wears, others cry for a breath of air.
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

Compared to Facebook, the social networking site, some countries look like towns.
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

By the way, what is wrong with meritocracy?
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

I am, so I work hard.
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK

Lies, the (damaging) truth one speaks when enveloped by fear.
- Edewede Oriwoh http://bit.ly/QKj9UK


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