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Infinity - A Song Of Life

About the song titled Infinity

INFINITY is a song from an album recorded in 1972 - over 50 years ago! - and titled Something Good Is Happening.

As far as I can see the is not available in music stores anywhere. I am sharing this song with you as an inspiration to get closer in awareness with the nameless essence of all of life. Enjoy.

Stars being born - Hubble Telescope


It's not space, it's not time,
And it can't be seen in rhyme;
In the earth, in the air,
In the wind and waving sea;

It's so subtle, yet it's there
On the surface, everywhere;
It's so near and yet so far,
Beyond the thinking of the mind.

You can call it anything
If you think it needs a name;
Infinity unbounded is forever.

This one becomes the many,
The raging seas of change,
As Being moves in waves of bliss,
As Being stays the same.

Sinking to the silent depths,
You'll see and you will find
Life in love's infinity
Beyond all things in time.

You can call it anything
If you think it needs a name;
Infinity unbounded is forever.

Underlying everything,
It always is the same,
Far beyond all space and time,
Beyond the realm of change.

You can call it anything
If you think it needs a name;
Infinity unbounded is forever.

The group performing this song

This song was composed and performed by a group of young people in the USA in the early seventies, who were regular in their daily practice of a meditation technique as way of transcending thoughts and thinking in order to experience the 'silent depths' within and an unfolding of more of their true nature.

The beautiful lyrics are an expression of their own experience of the unbounded love that is said to be found at that profound level of being. They sing about the nature of this subtle and all-pervading essence of life, indescribable in words yet able to be experienced when the mind is settled.

As this state of being transcends any description in words, we 'can call it anything' we wish, if we think it needs a name, as it moves in and around and as everything we can perceive with our human perception. It moves in waves of bliss, yet it also remains unchanged.

Can anyone experience this?

Throughout the ages the bearers of wisdom have been saying that within each one of us lies a treasure, yet most of humanity has not had a full experience of this peace that passes all understanding. It is more a state of consciousness than something to be understood.

Though it may seem unreachable, and indescribable, we can at least make a start at allowing our awareness to move towards that stillness in experience and see 'where' that takes us. As a starting point, I would suggest that anyone who is drawn to this should take a look at the free guided audio course offered on this website. It's called Conscious Mental Rest.

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