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How To Turn An Addiction To Complaining
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Size does matter! It is said that if we take hold of a thought or idea and hold it in our mind for about 1 ¼ minutes, that sets in motion a shift in our feelings, emotions or vibes. That shift attracts more of the same.

How to lift your emotion

This is one of the methods used by people who want to change from not-good feelings to better feelings, and by people who want to start the process of manifesting their desires. They maintain their attention on what they like, or what they want, for long enough to activate the change in their feelings. There's an expression: be the change you wish to see (or something along those lines).

Whether that claim of 1 ¼ minutes is valid is not important right now, because we all know from our own personal experience that if we dwell on something 'negative' for too long, it pulls us further into negativity, and that the process continues until our self-protective mechanisms kick in and save us from ourselves.

At that point we might say something like:

Enough of that. I mustn't dwell on it anymore.Or...

I need to get out of the house and be with nature. This discussion (or thinking) is making me feel bad.

I'm sure you can relate to what I am saying.

It is clear therefore that the longer we allow ourselves to remain in a state of not feeling good, the worse the feeling gets. The corollary is: the shorter we stay in the stress feeling of complaining, the better for us.

Better still, if we also shift our attention at that point to the opposite of what's bugging us, we not only reduce that negative feeling, but we also start inviting into our life what it is we do want or prefer.

The technique for how to stop complaining

  1. As soon as you feel the urge to complain, don't stifle it; that will just intensify your urge to complain. Let it out.
  2. Tell yourself (or the person you're with): "I just need to release this stress, so I will complain for 20 seconds and then be done with it, okay?"
  3. Have your say and be sure to end it within 30 seconds, longest.
  4. Then say, "Right, that's done and out of the way. Now let me swivel my attention, thoughts and speech onto something that makes me feel better."
  5. Then do just that, immediately.

That's it! Very simple.

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