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How Meditation Benefits Me

by Helga
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Sometimes I really don't feel like meditating. My head is foggy, I am tired and I just feel generally out of sorts. Meditation is the last thing I feel like at such times.

But experience has taught me that if I surrender to the process and just sit down and start meditating, afterwards I feel very different, with a feeling of serenity and a much clearer head. I feel physically and emotionally 'together'.

I have realized, too, that when I really, really cannot get my act together to meditate - due to tiredness, for example - I no longer allow myself to feel guilty if I miss a session. I am now quite happy to just lie down and have a nap instead.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.

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Thank you
by: Gavin

Thank you for your article. Yes, you're right. Meditation doesn't replace sleep, although it does assist one to enjoy better quality sleep. So when you're very tired it's best to have a nap. Of course, better still would be to nap first and then to meditate. :-)
~ Gavin

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