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How I Found Time To Meditate

by sandy

I didn't "find time". I made time. I am at a point after years of meditating I can do it when I wake up(in the bed) and during the day by just being conscious. I just sort of step back mentally and become aware of myself as I'm doing something. But I would not recommending doing it in bed when you are first starting out, because you will fall back asleep. And the end goal is to "awaken", remember?

Here is how I carve out time. I make it the first and last thing I do for the day. Think about it. We can make coffee in the morning and we watch that extra show at night, right? Then why can't we make time to meditate. Perhaps you will need to look at the reasons why you don't want to make time. Perhaps you don't see the value in it. Perhaps you don't reallllyyyyy think it is important. Perhaps you don't want happiness. Perhaps you think it is less important than washing up, brushing your teeth, applying makeup or making up your bed.

If you aren't making time then you need to get still and ask yourself what you really think about meditation.

Meditation is so important to me that I make time. If you won't do it in the morning then will you do it at part of your lunch time? or is eating with your friends more important?

Are you important? Are you important enough to carve out time for yourself and for your life?

My question to you, is why you don't have time? or won't make time? or is it important at all?

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