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Heartbreak Healing

by Sarah Sisson



In humans, a broken heart is a typical finding. Some mask this disorder during current relationships by incorporating secrets, anger, neglect or insecurity. If one looks back at the unscathed heart and replays one’s own version of the injury as it happened, one could then compare the questionable characteristics that are invited into their patterns of relationship communication.

An account of events involving the heartbreaker, and then reliving the entire pain in a controlled environment, could be helpful in exposing the hurt feelings that are now being transferred on to new engagements. Once a correlation has been made then healing may occur by curbing the need to persecute another for the hurtful behavior from the lost love.

If a direct correlation is not made, one must work the problem backwards. One can take a simple yet consistent relationship stressor and rewind that feeling, not the topic, back to the peak of pain generated when it was a fresh experience. If one is willing to face the pain in an open manner, set the victim of self aside, one may see a minimized version of what contributions from the pain are destroying current relationships. At this point one ought to place the heartbreaker into the situation you have with new love and decide who it really is that is still causing you pain. One must ask if the real relationship is in distress, or the one is still in distress with the past.

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Good article. Thanks

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