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Happy Family

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

As a happy father, I thought I'd share with you this spontaneous exchange of Facebook messages that took place this week. It started with a post by my daughter, Belinda, who lives in Colorado. She was posting to her sister, Angie, who lives in Spain with her wife, Marta. (Don't ask! *LOL* It's something the family did not expect, but we all seem to accept it, and we all love Marta very much. She is a great human being, as you can see by her photo.) Click here for a larger and clearer image of the screenshot above.

Angie and Belinda are in the photo on the home page of this website. They're such fun!

My son, Quinton, is a great human being too. He lives here in Cape Town, when he's not on holiday in Sweden with his Swedish wife, Karin, or in Silicon Valley, USA, for work-related matters.

Quinton is the scientist in the family who thinks his dad and sisters are a bit ... er... well, you know how scientists think about things that have not been proven scientifically. I guess the girls and I don't have time to wait for science to catch up with the realities of consciousness. Some of it is still too subtle to be measurable in the laboratories, I guess. :-)

Anyway, that Facebook thread gave me the idea to introduce you to the younger generation of Hooles. The grandchildren's photos are on the website too. If you can spot them, Bill Gates will give you a new computer and Steve Jobs will give you an new Apple i-Pad - when they're not cracking happy jokes with each other! LOL

~ Gavin

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