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Happy Birthday Gift Idea

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Looking for a happy birthday gift idea that costs no money at all? Here's one that I thought of this past weekend, and it has been a great success for the birthday girl and for me. See if it will work as well for you.

Coming up with a happy birthday gift idea is not always easy. In fact , I'm sure that for many people it can be quite stressful, especially when the birthday boy or girl is an adult. Some people seem to have pretty much everything of a material nature that they need. And if they don't have it, and suddenly feel they need it, they just go out and buy it, because for them money is no problem.

Other factors that can make coming up with a happy birthday gift a bit 'tricky' relate to the individuals concerned. Some people truly don't like receiving material items. Perhaps they're at that stage of life where they'd actually like to get rid of some stuff, not accumulate even more. With others, it's just so darn hard to know what kind of gift will bring them joy on their birthday. A book? What kind of book? Tickets to a show? Which show?

Then of course there is the potential for a little less happiness than might have been hoped for: disappointment from either side; not really liking the gift and deciding to 'recycle' it for Christmas, which can have embarrassing results.

The challenges of buying a gift

Every year at birthday time I (a male) tend to leave the present buying till the last day or so. And then it is pouring with rain or I have an unexpected work urgency, or some other such situation to deal with. Then the pressure builds up. You know the story, I'm sure. You've probably been there, done that too, or been on the receiving end of it.

A birthday gift idea that worked for me

So, this is what I did this past weekend, and it worked wonderfully well. I admit, though, that both the giver and the receiver are over the age of 60, and they live together, which may make things a little different. Nonetheless, even if you do give a physical gift with a money value, this additional strategy could enhance that gift manifold.

I sat down with my partner and we started to discuss this matter of a happy birthday gift idea. We're both pretty contented people, and we don't just want to give or receive a physical gift because the calendar says it is the month and day on which one should do so. (I do feel, though, that a birthday is a special day, in certain respects, and it does warrant something special. It marks the day on which we entered life in this physical body to experience our own creative consciousness functioning here on Earth.)

Anyway, here is what we decided. We will no longer feel we 'should' give something material to each other as a birthday gift. And we will no longer assume we will receive a gift on our birthday. And both of us will be guilt-free and enjoy and appreciate the freedom of not having to come up with a happy birthday gift idea.

We both agreed that, instead of trying to come up with a successful happy birthday gift idea, we will make the day a special day for the birthday boy or girl. In my case, as the giver, that means I will get out of my own head for the day, leave my computer alone, and give the recipient my undivided attention ... unless the lay of the land indicates later in the day that I can slip online and do some 'stuff' while my partner is happily engaged with her own activities - be that washing her hair, reading her book, or whatever. LOL

The special day might include going for a special drive to somewhere we both enjoy (which is exactly what we did this weekend, when we drove down to Cape Point). It may include cooking the other's favourite meal, washing and vacuuming the car, doing the grocery shopping - whatever will show the birthday person they are special and loved.

Why only on the one day?

Now here is the real difference from our normal birthday routine. We decided to make the Saturday birthday a 'birthday weekend' and to make the entire weekend a special one for the birthday girl. Furthermore, when today, Monday came, I suggested we make it an entire birthday week. After all, there are only two of us, so why not make two weeks out of 52 weeks - less than 4% - extra special weeks where we show extra consideration and care? This is not a chore. It is a joy to enliven happiness. The whole concept, in fact, increases the experience of happiness in both of us.

For people not living together, adjustments can of course be made. For example, how about phoning the person again the day after their birthday to tell them you hope they did in fact have a great day? Then perhaps call again later that week to again wish them a happy birthday week. It lets them know you're thinking of them during this special time of theirs.

So ... there it is - no big deal; just a dollar-free happy birthday gift idea that seems to work extremely well in my own situation. The recipient feels special for a whole week, and the giver feels happy being part of it.

Sharing happiness with another intensifies the joy for both

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