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Happiness vs Joy: The Core Differences

by Danny

I have researched, discussed, and thought about this very subject, happiness versus joy, for years now and am about to embark on writing a book about it. Most people already understand that happiness is temporary, fleeting, unpredictable, and dependent upon so many things outside ourselves and completely beyond our control.

Joy on the other hand is eternal, durable, predictable, and almost totally dependent upon internal controllable things like attitude, knowledge of truth, love and faith.

I wish I had the room here to give the true and complete definitions of happiness and joy but I think a short definition would only create more questions than answers in a forum like this. I will suggest a few more differences between the two terms though.

Most happiness has to do with "feeling" good (and feeling good about one's self and about others). Joy has more to do with "being" good, doing good, and becoming all that the universe created us to become. In other words, Joy is fulfilling the full measure of our creation... one's destiny.

Happiness is found in changing ourselves into whatever we think we want to become... and changing our surroundings (environment and circumstances) to facilitate that personal change.

Joy is found in the discovery of who we already are, what we are, why we are, and then letting the Universe teach us and develop us into what we were truly created from the very beginning to eventually become.

Happiness is an emotion... it's just feeling good. Joy is a state of being... a state of fulfillment. We feel happiness. We are joy. Happiness will come and go. Joy can be ours and stay with us forever.

I hope that clarified things a little. My book is still a couple of years away so feedback is still timely and very welcome.

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Thank you, Danny
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Danny, thank you for your inspiring contribution.

There is no limit to the length of content you may provide here, so please don't feel limited. For a stand-alone page like the one you have written, just type away. If the system says you've reached the limit (and I'm not sure if there is a limit, then either create a new page (new submission) to continue, or use the Comments link to add more content. (The limit per comment is 3,000 characters. So if you run out of space, simply continue in a new comment.)

If you're not sure, contact me and we can make a plan together. But don't feel there is any restriction from my side. Your contribution makes sense to me and I'm sure other visitors to this site will find it interesting too.


by: Happiness

Can anyone define the word Happiness? What is Happiness we do not know because every single person has its own meaning of happiness. Finding the ways to be happy in life is only a way that can make everyone happy in this world.

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