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Happiness Is Reconnecting

by Bob
(North Carolina)

Every person who has ever lived has the breath of God in him or her, but also 'self-will.' As Plato said, yielding to the appetites instead of Reason (can we maybe say, 'God's will'?) in one's life makes man forever in 'pursuit of happiness' in material and temporal things, but it can only be found when he yields to God's will through faith.

The pursuit of happiness is never won with happiness as the reward of the pursuit. This does not mean one will obtain wealth and good health...only that one realizes those things apply only to the physical body, never to the soul.

The inner soul can have peace and happiness if it has re-connected, through faith, to the Creator, from which it came, and to which it longs to return. That is why so many today cannot find happiness in alcohol, drugs, sex or money. To get something, you want and/or need more; to get high, you need to do it over and over, until you die from abuse. Money will not buy happiness. Lack of money may help you get closer to God than having a lot of it. A man on his back looks up to God more than a man on his feet. The first man (and woman) chose to satisfy his/her 'appetite' against God's command not to do so, and men and women are forever trying to find what they lost by doing it.

By the way, I am writing a book on the soul, God, evolution, races, religions of the world, and this very thing called life and the pursuit of happiness. It is innate in all reasoning beings, unlike happiness in an animal that is well fed, sheltered and loved. That animal feels its owner is God, and it is content. My thesis is simple: God created man in HIS (not 'human' but 'soul/spirit') image, breathed 'life' into his chemically-composed body (his 'soul') and ever since, man has been trying to create God (money, power, fame) 'in his (man's) image' --through manufactured religions, holy books, temples and churches, pomp and circumstance, etc. The 'creature' cannot know, nor can I explain in my book in a complete and convincing manner, what this GOD is actually like. It would be like the paint on the canvas attempting to explain the mind of the artist. But it will surely help in some small way.

I want happiness for all, but most will never achieve it after pursuing it all their lives. It certainly doesn't come from government edict.


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How To Find Happiness By Reconnecting
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Bob, thank you for your thought-provoking article. I think: what you say is pretty much in line with the principles I myself hold as true and which I try to convey on this website.

The 'how-to' approach to reconnecting which I use, and which I share on this website, is the method I call Conscious Mental Rest.

In regard to the pursuit of happiness, and the relationship between things that can trigger the joy from within for short bursts, you may find two other pages of interest, if you haven't already come across them:

Triggering Your Happiness From Within, and

The Pursuit Of Happiness - A Silly Notion?

I wish you well with your new book. It sounds interesting!

by: Bob Hayner

Shopping for Christmas (pursuit) is self-fulfilling (satisfying, if I find what I think someone will appreciate) but once bought, wrapped, opened....it's over. I feel, as I think Plato felt...the "soul" originated with the Creator, a "living part of" the Creator...and much as Christians believe in the Incarnation (the revelation of the Creator to the creature) of the Creator in a human body...the soul is not happy here, and pursues various avenues looking for happiness, but all are fleeting. Drugs, alcohol, pleasures of the body, money, fame, etc. Sure, there are positive things one can do, such as meditation, yoga, music, art, hiking, climbing, sailing...etc. But the real world will soon make itself known to you, and reality is full of unhappiness. My book looks at religions as man's attempt to clarify his source of happiness, but, like paint on a canvas cannot really know the mind of the artist, our religions fall far short of explaining heaven, eternity, God, happiness, love, beauty, truth and all those things that make us happy.

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