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Happiness Is Reading Articles I Don't Usually Have Time To Read

by Gavin

Meet Instapaper: Here's a cool, free service that I plan to make use of in several ways, mostly for reading stuff offline on my Kindle. The website service is called Instapaper

So ... just what is Instapaper

Instapaper facilitates easy reading of long text content, online or offline - when it suits us.

So often we don't have time to read long articles at the time we first see them on the Web. So, typically, we either don't read at all, or we bookmark them for later but never get back to re-visiting those sites later anyway.

Instapaper allows you to save such Web pages easily for later reading, when you do have time. And it saves them all in one place] -- at the Instapaper website.

What the creator of Instapaper says

Ref: http://www.instapaper.com/faq

"From a personal perspective, I appreciate great writing, but I've become frustrated with the quick-consumption nature of many devoted blog readers. Authors are encouraged to cater to drive-by visitors hurrying through their feed readers, by producing lightweight content for quick skimming.

There's no time to sit and read anything when you're going through 500 feed items while responding to email, chatting, and watching bad YouTube videos.

As a result, popular blogs are now full of useless 'list posts' with no substance or value.

Well-written content is out there, and we do have opportunities every day to read it -- just not when we're in information-skimming, speed-overload mode. But we can all read while waiting in long lines, commuting (although please not while driving), or sitting on the goofy chairs in the shoe area and being supportive while our wives are shopping.

The times we find information aren't always ideal for consuming it. Instapaper helps you bridge that gap."

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