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Happiness Is An Inside Job expands on the greatest happiness principle, that happiness is experience inside us. It also has its source within us.

People are born to be happy

When we consider healthy children in a 'healthy' environment, we realise that they are naturally and spontaneously playful and happy; and they are constantly doing different things to express and expand their experience of joy. (Most of us adults were like that too.)

No one taught them that. It is just how we human beings are 'wired'. We are born with the mechanisms to experience and expand happiness, and to seek a good feeling in every moment.

That's just how it is.

We are wired to want happiness

Everything we do, we do in order to feel better - happier. Even acts of kindness, altruism, generosity, giving presents, sharing, teaching, getting educated, wanting more money - every act we can think of - ultimately boils down to a desire to feel better about, and within, ourselves.

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,
the whole aim and end of human existence.

~ Aristotle

Happiness is an inside job - it is experienced inside us

So, what causes unhappiness?

If this is all true, then why don't we all experience happiness all the time? The answer lies in one word: stress. Put another way, we have contaminated our mind-body systems through wrong choices in life - be it choices of lifestyle, morality, diet, behaviour, thought patterns or any other choices. Non-optimum choices and decisions progressively and increasingly cloud our awareness of what is best for us in the moment of choice.

We have, in effect, lost our innocence of living fully in accord with natural law. Our attention has become caught up with what our senses perceive - 'what's out there'. We have drifted away from the habit of following our own intuitive signals no matter what our senses, our intellect, other people or society might suggest.

Have you ever thought or said something like the following?
'I should have listened to my gut feeling. I just knew at the time that it was a bad decision, but I went with what the others said (or with what my mind was telling me).'

We have allowed the mind to take a more dominant role in our lives. We need to correct this imbalance and get back to being more in tune with the broader inner intelligence that governs our total mind-body system.

A way out of unhappiness

The good news is that moving away from unhappiness is not all that difficult. Rather than needing to do something to pursue happiness, we need to stop doing those things that bring UNhappiness. And this is really quite easy, as you will see.

In essence, we need to listen to our inner prompts to know what is 'right' for the moment. And I'll show you how we can improve our skills at that.

The end goal of joy and peace may not fully arrive overnight - in reality it won't; but when the process is started there will be an immediate experience that something good is starting to happen in our lives. That alone can motivate us to keep developing the good habits.

A quick example

We can pretty quickly improve how we feel. Here's an example.

If we're kind to someone, it makes us feel good.
(Don't believe it? Then try this experiment.)

In the same way, if we are unkind to someone - even just in our thoughts - we know deep down that we don't really like doing that. How do we know? We know because of how we feel. It diminishes our own experience of joy.

Happiness is an inside job - we can unlock it from within to enjoy a fuller life

Our feelings are the indicator of whether or not
something is in alignment with our inner wisdom

If what we think, plan, say or do at any moment is not in line with
our inner wisdom, we can experience it as a feeling of discomfort,
however slight that feeling might be.
And that is the start of a build-up of stress, illness and unhappiness.

So, one of the two daily habits will be to culture the practice of listening and responding to our own inner intelligence. The other will be tune into that inner intelligence, with the mind's conversation out of the way, in order to allow that field of consciousness to have a greater influence in our daily lives. This unlocking and outflow of inner consciousness happens quite spontaneously when we set up the right conditions as a daily routine.

Knowing that happiness is an inside job helps us to know where to find real happiness. We can save a lot of time by not engaging in the pursuit of happiness only 'somewhere out there'.

The next two pages will summarise the two doable keys to happiness - the practical application of the knowledge that happiness is an inside job.

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