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by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Looking for happiness help guides online, or in a library, can be a pretty daunting and frustrating task. Not only are there so many publications (websites, books, courses, etc.) to choose from, but everyone has their own view on the subject of happiness anyway. So whose views are the most valid ... for you?

To answer this question people often decide to turn to the latest scientific research on what causes happiness (e.g. in terms of biological hormones or chemicals), and on how to create those same substances in the body through diet, supplements, or even some brand of happy pills.

The other approach is to find out what happiness surveys have revealed. This is something like a market research approach, where hundreds or thousands of people are interviewed to find out what 'makes their happiness tick'.

This kind of research looks at people's relationship status, living standards and a host of other environmental and personal criteria. From this information certain deductions are then made based on common factors running through the survey or 'research' results.

These approaches certainly do come up with some interesting results. However, they are not about me or about you. They are all about other people. And the deductions may well be flawed. They are, after all, deductions.

Know thyself

How about we simply look to ourselves to find out what makes us happy? We know what makes us happy, because we can feel it. And we likewise know what makes us UNhappy, because we can feel that too.

Each of us has this built-in mechanism, and this is what gives us our preferences in life. And it is our individual preferences that mirror our individuality and make each one of us unique.

If each of us is unique, then how relevant to each of us
would the happiness criteria of someone else be?

So, there we have one of the two keys to happiness: follow what brings joy and peace to you, not to someone else. It is literally as simple as that. We don't need to analyse our lives into oblivion, or read a lot of research about happiness. We already have all the knowledge we need in order to be happy. And it isn't all about intellectual knowledge. It is 'inner' knowledge that is revealed to us naturally by how we feel at any moment, and at any point of choosing.

Our feelings are our compass

To enjoy the benefits of the electric light at home we don't need to have a full scientific understanding of how it all works, from the principles and laws of electricity to the mechanics of power generation, to the illumination that take place inside the glass light bulb.

It is enough to know that when we flick that switch on the wall at night, the light will go on and we'll be able to see better. Certainly, for those who thirst to know how this happens, they may well decide to study electricity and perhaps become an electrical engineer. But that is not needed simply to be able to enjoy visibility at night. As long as we know how to flick the switch, we can enjoy the effects. Why complicate our lives unnecessarily?

The same applies to everything in life -- driving a car, being a passenger in a plane, posting a letter, you name it. And the same principle applies to being happy and happier. Simply know the key principles and put them into practice. And the key principles are given on the website, free of charge.

The two keys to happiness

Here they are again:
  1. Allow the inner intelligence and happiness to flow more easily, by tapping into those inner quieter levels of consciousness every day to allow the obstacles to health and happiness to be progressively dissolved, and

  2. Listen to your inner feelings and follow the prompts for what feels right for you, in that moment of choice - whether it be thought, speech or action. And you'll know what will bring you greater happiness and joy, because it will feel better than the other options.

This is the 'formula for happiness'. It took me decades to discover both sides of the coin. I 'knew' the first one, and applied it; and I sort of knew the second one, but it took me a little longer to crystallize its practical implications -- i.e. to recognise my preferences and to give my attention to those rather than to the things I didn't like.

So, you can save time in your own life, by testing the two keys to happiness given at the site. If they work for you -- which they will -- continue using them every day. Your quality of life will change, without doubt.

~ Gavin

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Thank you ...
by: PruJoy

So good to be reminded of this simple yet profound practice - thank you Gavin :-)

And thank YOU, PruJoy, for commenting
by: Gavin

PruJoy, thank you for your comment. You know, sometimes I feel as if I am regurgitating the same thing over and over and over, and I wonder if it all sounds to others to be just too simple to be worthwhile - or some impractical pie-in-the-sky philosophy.

Yet at the same time I know that those who go beyond (transcend) thought as part of their daily routine, do know that all this running around in the pursuit of happiness and peace is, in the end, not really necessary.

That is why I love this quote so much:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
~ T. S. Eliot

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