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A guided meditation audio is a really good way to learn how to meditate, and meditation is one of the well-known ingredients for expriencing more happiness and greater peace of mind in one's life.

The great thing about the course I offer is that it is available to everyone absolutely free of charge. Why don't I charge? Because I don't need to, and because I feel that everyone should have easy access to the totally natural method I teach.

What kind of meditation is it?

There are so many meditation techniques available today, and such a variety of ways in which the word is meditation is used, that I decided that it would be best not to use that term for the method I teach. Instead, I call it Conscious Mental Rest, which more accurately describes the process.

About the guided meditation audio course

This guided meditation is not one in which you are guided into visualizations, contemplations or mental journeys.

It consists of some simple instructions that enable you to allow your mind to get deep rest while you remain awake. By following the simple guidance given, the mind begins to settle down and you spontaneously experience diminising mental activity as your mind moves towards more stillness.

So the term 'guided meditation' refers to the way in which you are guided into the experience of Conscious Mental Rest.

The effortless nature of Conscious Mental Rest

The CMR process is very easy and natural. But we’re so entrenched in our belief that anything worthwhile requires effort, technique and hard work that it is not always obvious how to take advantage of the natural functioning of the mind and use it to our benefit.

So the CMR course explains this on the meditation mp3 audio files and in the six follow-up e-mails. The student will discover first-hand how easy the process is when the correct approach is adopted.

A few experiential preliminaries

The first part of the audio section of the course starts with a few experiential preliminaries before the actual Conscious Mental Rest session commences.

These preliminaries help you appreciate the way the mind works, and they help explain how to allow the process to be without effort or control - how to allow it to remain natural.

Two of these preliminaries can be done before making a decision to register for the course.

Q & A before and during the course

Once you've had your first few guided meditation audio sessions in CMR, you will receive six follow-up e-mails with additional explanatory information in the form of questions and answers. These e-mails are an important and integral part of the guided audio course and should each be read carefully, and preferably re-read again later.

During the course you will also receive a link to additional files which allow you to choose the length of your guided meditation audio sessions, without being concerned about how long you've been 'meditating'. These are optional longer sessions than your first guided audio instructions, and they follow the same format.

In this way you'll hear the verbal instructions each time, to ease you into Conscious Mental Rest. At the end of your timed session I will gently guide you through the standard CMR ending-off procedure that ensures a smooth transition form mental rest back into activity again.

Once you feel confident in having solo sessions without the audio playing, you will be free to do so.

On the next page you will find some typical questions and answers taken from past introductory talks. But you may want to go straight to the introductory page about Conscious Mental Rest itself, with some feedback from people who have already taken the course.


Q&A: Is CMR Like Some Popular Types of Meditation?

Introduction to Conscious Mental Rest

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Conscious Mental Rest for deeper happiness and peace of mind

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