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guggarigoudar on happiness

by guggarigoudar

guggarigoudar in India shares some thoughts on happiness, and poses an interesting question for us all to consider and give our answer to. Here's what guggarigoudar says.

1.consumption : eating favourite food, puchasing a fancy car, a beautiful sunset

2.love & loving : love of a relative - mother, father, girl friend; loving a pet

3.charity : helping, donating

4.achievement : in education, job, career, business

5.Good Luck : a lottery

What is the longevity of happiness given by each of the above?

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Apr 23, 2010
Reality Is Different In Different States Of Consciousness
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

In the dream state of consciousness what happens in the dream is real to us. But in the waking state of consciousness we say it was 'only a dream' - a projection of mind-thought, not real.

In the waking state of consiousness, my car is real, and so is any happiness and unhappiness; and so is this website. So, while we are functioning in this particular state of consciousness and its reality, those things such as eating one's favourite food, or loving a pet, can certainly enliven our experience of happiness ... for a while, and to the degree that we already feel some degree of happiness as our norm.

When that external trigger of our inner happiness is done, another must take its place for more happiness to be enlivened enough to surface through the stresses we hold inside.

Once the stresses are significantly removed, then our inner happiness doesn't need so much short-lived stimulation from outside to make us feel happy. Instead, those experiences become vehicles to ride the waves of joy already being experienced, to magnify and expand that happiness from within and take it outwards.

Apr 22, 2010
is it non-existant?
by: guggarigoudar

We can not deny the fact that happiness in some form - as a concept, a state of mind or as something unexplainable has resided in the human mind over centuries and across continents and that man has often brought upon himself misery in pursuit of it. Hence it can not be waved of as just Maya.

Apr 22, 2010
Ha Ha ..
by: Prujoy

Ha ha ... I like this question - the answer is of course nothing - just as the form of the stimulus is "nothing" or perhaps we could call it "maya" ...

Apr 22, 2010
What Makes People Happy?
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Thank you for your contribution, guggarigoudar. I look forward to reading what comments others add, and in particular how they answer your question.

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