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Gross Domestic Happiness And The FIFA 2010 World Cup

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

During the FIFA World Cup, the Gross Domestic Happiness of South Africa has undoubtedly sky-rocketed up to a whole new level. The challenge now is for all South Africans - especially the media - to maintain the momentum and create a snowball effect throughout the nation, so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of the re-enlivened national vibe.

So, here are my hopes for the post-World Cup era in my homeland, beautiful South Africa, bearing in mind that what we put our attention on, we enliven in our lives.

I hope and pray...

  • that the Press, who have always assumed the 'responsibility' for keeping us all informed for our own benefit, will take the initiative and use their headlines and front pages to report on the good things happening in our country, on an ongoing and sustained basis from now on, and that they will relegate the negative stuff to the inside pages.

  • that the public will keep alive the positive energy and spirit that has been re-enlivened and has overshadowed the bad stuff and political nonsense that has been going on.

  • that the masses of our population will have had their eyes opened by the influx of international visitors, tourists and the whole FIFA World Cup spectacle, and that they will see that good governance is far more important and beneficial to all than blind part loyalty.

  • that many, many of the skilled ex-pats will return home from abroad to help rebuild our nation to once again be a model of good governance, but under the new democratic principles of equal opportunities for all, and self-responsibility for one's life. Come back, you guys! Your country needs you!

I truly hope that South Africa will maintain its current high level of Gross Domestic Happiness and prove itself to be the lighthouse of Africa.

Let's all put out attention on that ideal. We're already there; all we need to do is to maintain it. And the Press and other media have a serious responsibility to be a major catalyst in that mission.

Peace to all!


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Comments for Gross Domestic Happiness And The FIFA 2010 World Cup

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S.A. Lighthouse!
by: Pru Joy

That's a powerful picture Gavin - South Africa - Lighthouse of Africa. I can put my attention on that!

Yes may it shine so bright that even ex-pats on the other side of the world can be guided home by it!

As for the media - now that's a utopian idea but hey like you say - enliven what you put yr attention on - so OK - I'll try that too.

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