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Gratitude Is More Than What You Think

by sandy

I was just listening to a YouTube video by a popular self help radio talk show host. The subject was gratitude. And the host explained how at one time he lost property, had the IRS at his door and had problems with his job and relationships. He felt beat. He felt like he couldn't take anymore. So, he asked a friend for advice and she told him: "be grateful for what you have".

He said that response made him even angrier. How dare she give that advice?

Oh, I can so remember being where he once was. That's not to say if something tragic happens today I will not feel some pain. But as I've gotten older I've learned to let go. I've realized that for many things in life I cannot control the outcome. But, I can make the wisest choices I can, work hard, keep a positive and realistic attitude and watch the universe take care of the details.

Another thing I used to ignore, as things appeared to fall apart around me, were the wealth of resources at my fingertip.

When you stay angry you can't see the "love" that surrounds you. You can't see the people who care about you or hear the person who may be giving you some great advice or suggestions. Sometimes you just want to stay mad.

So I've learned over the years to be thankful for the lessons I'm learning. I've learned to be thankful for those things which have nothing to do with the problem at hand. I've learned to be thankful that I can change my perspective. I've learned to be thankful for the pain.

Because I've found that when I go towards the pain each subsequent pain for other things become more easier for me to cope with.

You know we have angels amidst us, don't you?

I know because for whatever reason I am sometimes called to help another.

Has this ever happened to you? some how you've gotten involved on intervening for someone because of some energy around them.

That is what I call the angel that resides in ourselves. Often it does the work for another person.

I've found that my angelic interventions are not always welcomed and I'm learning to live with that. I understand why. That person is not ready to let gratitude in their life.

If people help you when you're down and you appreciate it, can you imagine what will happen when you're grateful?

Gratitude is deeper than what it appears.

Try it.

Thank you Gavin for providing this space.

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