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Gratitude - A Means Or A Result?

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Gratitude is said to be essential for creating a better life of health, wealth and happiness. But is this true? Is the daily journal, like the one Oprah and many others keep, and is the Abraham-Hicks exercise of a 'rampage of appreciation', an effective means for experiencing true happiness and abundance? Or is this human quality an automatic and spontaneous by-product of being happy and at peace with oneself?

So, the big question is this: is gratitude a means to a more fulfilled life, or is it the result?

I am truly curious to know what others feel about this quality or attitude, and any role it might have in creating a better life for oneself.

What do YOU feel?

I'd be most interested to hear from you via the comments link below, or by writing creating your own page on this site (see link below too).

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Comments for Gratitude - A Means Or A Result?

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Good Question!
by: PruJoy

Good on you Gavin for being able to condense a whole lot of conjecture into this one neat question!

"is gratitude a means to a more fulfilled life, or is it the result?"

Looking at it like that I would definitely answer that it is a result of finding happiness or peace in one's life.

The very word "means" explains a whole lot of "New Age" theories - they are seeking something "better than" what they already have or believe they don't have.

Whereas as per your own Conscious mental Rest explanation of life - happiness, peace, bliss is always already "there" for us to access at any time with the only necessity being the actual "doing" of it (accessing it that is) ;-)

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