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Freeware Anti Spam - Why Bother?

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Spam Prohibited

Spam Prohibited

I have NO FREEWARE ANTI SPAM software installed. And I get NO SPAM mail in my IN box on my computer - EVER. I'm not a computer tekkie either, but I'm happy to use the solution I came up with that just makes common-sense to me, and because it works.

(This is a shorter version of my earlier post about spam mail stress, which tended to get a bit long.)

Here's what I suggest

  • Create a new and secret alias/e-mail address with your ISP. Do not share the new address with anyone.

  • Have ALL your mail forwarded by your ISP to a Gmail account. (If you don't already have a Gmail account, register for one. It's free.)

  • Let Gmail handle the spam filtering for you, on their servers, using the spam stats from their millions of users worldwide.

  • Set up filters at Gmail so that Gmail forwards to your secret e-mail address only the mail you specifically want to be sent to your ISP IN box for downloading to your e-mail program (e.g. specific senders, or all non-spam mail except mail from your friends who send large files of slide shows, photos or videos ... or whatever criteria you choose).

If you're not sure how to do a particular aspect of what I have suggested above, feel free to click on the 'comments' link below to ask me to clarify. I don't have unlimited time available, but I will do my best to answer a specific question, spelled out clearly so that I know what you mean.

Also, feel free to click on the other link below to offer your own spam solution - which will appear on a separate Web page like this.

~ Gavin

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