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Free Mind Mapping Software

by Gavin

Mind Map Example

Mind Map Example

For some time now I have been using this excellent free program for creating mind maps (which I call Trigger Charts when they're used for summarizing information for exams, giving talks, etc.).

It's called FreeMind and it is totally free. I find it very easy to use, and it has lots of customizable features for those who need them.

I actually used FreeMind to create the site blueprint for this website, and I constantly refer to it, update it, move things around, and so on, as I continue to add pages and change the site structure as the site grows.

You can get an idea of how I use FreeMind by taking a look at at the tutorial I prepared specifically for creating a website blueprint. Even though you may not need FreeMind for that purpose it will at least show you what it can do before you decide to use it yourself.

I just love FreeMind!

~ Gavin

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