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Finding Bliss Unexpectedly

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

For many people, finding quiet inner bliss unexpectedly is an experience that most likely happens during childhood more than in adulthood. Young children's minds are usually more innocent than ours, with attention focused mostly on what is happening in the present moment than on thinking about the past or the future. (I am fortunate to remember having had one such experience when I was a child, probably around three or four years old1.)

We're all different

Everyone comes into this world with their own unique nervous system and set of life circumstances. So, experiences will naturally differ from person to person.

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineNevertheless, I'm pretty sure that if one does have an experience of something one might call transcendence, or finding bliss unexpectedly, out of the blue, or a kind of peace and tranquillity that one doesn't have every day of one's life, then it will be remembered for many years to come, perhaps a lifetime.

I feel it can be helpful to recall such experiences and try to describe them, or at least the circumstances in which we remember that feeling, perspective or perception during those, often brief, moments.

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Experience of "bliss"
by: PruJoy

About 5 years ago I was undergoing some psychotherapy when all of a sudden I found myself describing the source of everything with regard to myself ... what it broke down into in terms closest to a true description were this ... that out of "nothing" came a desire "to be" & that this desire could only flow thru the creation of another "pole" that could be described as "I" ... the infinite looping flow required between these now 2 poles was "Love" ~~~~

I have now found over the years that the most instant manner to experience "bliss" is to recollect this equation ... 0 ~ 8 ~ 1 ...

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