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Ego Development

by Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Save the ego! Replace ego-bashing with effective ego development, doing it nature's way. I wish the self-improvement fraternity would stop demonizing the human ego and blaming 'it' for all our woes.

The ego is not the problem. So let's stop bashing the ego as if it were. What is the ego anyway - this bad boy or bad girl that has allegedly been leading us all towards suffering all this time?

In basic terms, the ego is an aspect of our very own humanness. It is that aspect that gives us our individual sense of self while we dwell in this human body. It is an absolutely essential aspect of the human being.

There are no 'others' -- yeah, right!

It's all very well saying that we are all one, or that "there are no others", as I was told on a breathing course some years ago. As true as that might be in a state of unity consciousness (the seventh state of consciousness), in this jolly old waking state of consciousness that most of us mortals dwell in most of the time, we can see darn well that there are indeed 'others'.

We can touch them and we can converse with them. We can protect 'others' and we can fight with them. We can even kill them, and they can kill us. If there were no others on this earth then there would be no wars, no competitions, no winners and losers - no human beings, no diversity at all, in fact.

So, let's stay real here and deal with human problems in a practical way. We may well be universal consciousness manifesting as human beings. But while we are in this human state of being, we have to express life through this physical body-mind system. And that system makes darn sure that we are aware of our individuality so that we can survive on this planet until it is time to leave the body and depart again.

No, the problem is not the ego per sé. The real problem is that the ego is doing the best it can without absolute conscious alignment with its parent consciousness, the higher (or wider or deeper or fuller) consciousness that is our essential nature.

And why is there this absence of absolute alignment? It is due to the stresses or impurities that our mind-body systems have accumulated over time. They block the flow of our essential consciousness to cause us to use less than 10% or so of our full potential.

Don't shoot the messenger

Blaming the ego is like blaming the ambassador who tries to do his best while having poor communication with the President's office back home. The real way forward is to reopen the lines of communication, in our case between the ego and the inner aspect of our consciousness - the fourth state of consciousness, Being, source awareness, or whatever other word you prefer to use.

When stresses are dissolved, literally, the inner being shines through more, and ego becomes a more effective instrument of our inner divine intelligence. Ego then functions more in accord with the rhythms and dictates of our own higher self, our essence. This means that we spontaneously experience a better quality of life.

What's the alternative approach

So, what then is a more effective approach than hammering the poor old ego that is doing its best to keep us alive and happy? It's simple: allow the stresses to be dissolved through a good lifestyle which includes, enough rest, adequate exercise and a good diet.

And, one of the most effective ways of moving this process along is the daily routine of allowing the mind to move towards that quiet inner creative intelligence within, so that the 'thinking stuff' - as Wallace Wattles calls it - is enlivened in our conscious awareness to influence all aspects of our life, including our choices and the ego's modus operandi.

In the process, the entire psycho-physiology is bathed in the rejuvenating qualities of that essence of consciousness that is, in reality, what we are. In practical terms, the deep relaxation that takes place dislodges deep-rooted stresses, little by little, one day at a time, so that more of our full potential can flow forth and work hand in hand with Mr Ego (or Ms Ego, if you like).

A new resolution

So, from this moment on, let us give the ego a break and rather say: Thank You for a job well done, considering that you are being expected to do your work without 100% access to the unlimited resources to which you are entitled.

And then let's be vigilant about doing what we need to do in order to unlock more of those resources to our ego-consciousness. For me, that starts with daily Conscious Mental Rest. For you, it may be some form of deep meditation that takes you effortlessly to that quiet place within.

If you're already using an effective practice that does that, then that's good. Don't underestimate its value. If the method, process or technique does what it should do, you will know by its results in daily living.

Patience and perseverance win the day - and the lifespan

The benefits of daily deep mental rest creep up on us subtly. They will influence Mr/Ms Ego who will progressively drop off unneeded responses to life and do a better job in our lives.

Life can be easier. It doesn't need to be a fight with the ego to keep it subdued and 'in its place'.

~ Gavin

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