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eCleaner The Free Email Cleaner

by Gavin

I have used eCleaner for many years now, to remove all those messy chevrons (>>>>) and things you get in forwarded emails. It works like a charm, including with Windows XP and Windows 7 (except Windows doesn't like loading the Help file).

It's simple and basic, and you can easily figure out what the toolbar buttons do.

Basically, you simply copy the e-mail's content, paste it into the eCleaner window and click on yellow the smiley button. It strips out all the extra characters you don't need, and it offers other options too.

You can download it here. It's an .exe file and it's quite safe to download it.

If you know of a better e-mail cleaner-upper, please leave a comment here so that others can check out what you recommend and compare.


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