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Question: If CMR Meditation is natural and very easy, then why do we need to be taught it?

Answer: Although resting the mind consciously is natural, as is allowing it to transcend thought and just be still, we are out of the habit of letting this occur spontaneously.

So the purpose of the CMR course is to lead us back to the instinctive experience of not having to be actively engaged in thinking during every waking minute of the day.

The course also provides the motivation to set a block of time aside each day for this experience. Once we're back on track, we have the knowledge for the rest of our lives.

Most people don't consider resting their minds during the day

We have become accustomed to having a constantly active mind. And when it is not active by itself, we activate it deliberately with television, radio, music, computers, reading or other mental activity.

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The main reason is that we don't give our minds time to rest during the day. For most people the only time the mind is give some rest is at night when we are asleep. Conscious mental rest is virtually unheard of. (For an explanation of just what Conscious Mental Rest means, click here.)

So, consciously resting the mind has almost become a foreign concept to us, something like not having constant piped music to entertain (or irritate) us all the time while shopping at a shopping mall, or driving in our cars, or eating out.

We are accustomed to constantly being bombarded with input into our senses. And we are constantly using our minds for mental activity, or our mind is just being busy of its own accord.

So, when people hear about meditation, and how difficult it is or how long it takes to master it, the idea of easy meditation techniques may sound like wishful thinking. But it isn't.

Learn Conscious Mental Rest©
One of the Easiest of the Easy Meditation Techniques

On the course you regain insights into how the mind works

The CMR course helps you to appreciate - experientially - the way the mind works. You are then able to use that knowledge to give your mind some daily rest in an effortless way.

The course shows you how to experience Conscious Mental Rest© even when your mind has been overactive and you're feeling stressed. You come to appreciate first-hand that CMR is indeed one of the most easy meditation techniques available.

Why is CMR described as being easy?

Here are a few examples of what makes people say Conscious Mental Rest© is one of the most easy meditation techniques around.

  • The CMR method itself is based on the natural tendency of the mind and does not require any mind control or mental discipline. You simply sit with your eyes closed and set up the right conditions for your mind to follow its natural inclination to be less active. Once you have the insight into how to set up the right conditions, you leave the rest to your mind to handle. This makes the entire process quite effortless.
  • The instructions are easy to follow, and I lead the beginner along every step of the way, using a structured guided meditation script to do so.
  • The instructions are given via an audio meditation download where you can listen to me guide you step-by-step through the simple process.
  • The audio instruction is followed by six follow-up e-mails giving additional supportive information and answers to questions from students who have attended courses in person. These e-mails will arrive in your IN box one day apart.
  • The only equipment you'll need for your daily sessions of Conscious Mental Rest© is somewhere comfortable to sit, like on a chair or bed, a mattress or comfy cushion - whatever works for you.
  • You do not need to sit in the lotus position, with your legs crossed, or in any special yoga posture. You just sit normally, with your hands on your lap and your eyes closed.
  • There is no mantra you need to learn or chant. CMR is a silent process - just you and your mind.
  • There is no group or organization you need to join. And there is no 'initiation' or 'puja' ceremony involved, so the whole process is completely comfortable for anyone, no matter what their beliefs or lifestyle. You simply download the course modules, listen to the audios, and you're on your way to a happier and healthier life.

Easy Meditation Techniques

CMR is for beginners and experienced meditators alike

Although it may be described as an ideal type of 'meditation' for beginners, CMR is equally a 'meditation' for advanced practitioners who have used various traditional or popular meditation techniques for many years.

CMR became available online for the first time only in 2008, yet it already has people who have switched from Buddhist meditation and other techniques and now use Conscious Mental Rest© as their favoured meditation practice. They have reported that they find CMR to be easier and more effective too.

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