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Did I Stumble Upon A Deep CMR Level?

by VaL

I am 50 female and have been off and on doing regular meditation in the lotus for years and never got a quiet mind from it really.

So I tried this morning to just sit up on my bed in the dim room with my legs slightly bent for comfort enough to sit up.

I do have a digital clock in the room.

I just smiled inside and outside and relaxed without worrying of breathing and mantras and such things.

I had just closed my eyes, when I noticed on the clock that suddenly 20 minutes had elapsed. It felt like I had just been completely shut down, completely unconscious, existing as nothing, no one and nowhere.

A regular Yoga friend told me I had transcended and just noticed it more than usual but it was no tantric type lucid dream state!

I completely had my light switch turned off. I no longer existed, I could not even sense breathing.

Is this a deep CMR level that I just stumbled on?

I didn't even know about CMR until a few moments ago in looking for information on the web about what a strange state I had achieved.

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Transcendence Or Sleep (Part 1)
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

During Conscious Mental Rest (CMR) we remain conscious and awake throughout the session. When we start the CMR session, awareness may be about things we're thinking or about external sounds, like traffic, rain, and such-like. As time progresses, the mind settles down to subtler levels of mental activity, and the whole mind-body system settles down too. Yet we continue to remain aware.

With this quietening of the mind, awareness lets go of external 'things' and even loosens its grip on internal 'noise' like thoughts and thinking. It may be that at some stage the mind is not aware of anything, yet we do not lose consciousness. This may be a few seconds, or it may be longer.

During the natural process, as the system settles down progressively, tensions, however subtle they may be, tend to loosen and be released. Because mind and body are so intimately connected, this 'stress release' would naturally cause a corresponding activity in the mind - which might be strong enough to be perceived as thoughts.

This process of the mind's settling down and then having thoughts again, or physical sensations along with thoughts, proceeds in an unpredictable cycle which is different from one person to another, and from one session to another. The process is affected by the amount of stress stored in the mind-body system, one's state of being before starting the session (tired, or energetic, worried, happy, hungry, and so on).

It may well happen that for most of a session a person has slipped into a state of total mental stillness. On the other hand, the session may seem to be full of thoughts throughout the session. Sometimes we might feel that we're not even 'doing it right', so we unwittingly introduce some effort to get the desired 'results'.

No matter what our session of Conscious Mental Rest is like, if it is Conscious Mental Rest, and if we do happen to experience total stillness, we will remain conscious and 'aware'. In some of the meditation traditions this would be referred to as Self-awareness. Yet we are not aware OF the Self. We, ourSelf, are simply aware, with no object of awareness, only the Self being aware, awake, clear, conscious.

Back to your own experience

Now, with that background, let's get back to your experience and your question.

There are a couple of statements in your submission that give definite clues as to what probably took place during those twenty minutes. You said...

"It felt like I had just been completely shut down, completely unconscious, existing as nothing, no one and nowhere."

"I no longer existed, ..."

These statements can be read in two ways: you're referring to the deeper, non-material, consciousness You, or to the egoic, physical, mental 'you'.

If you truly mean that you in your entirety were completely unconscious, and you 'no longer existed' - then that would not have been transcendence. (Continued in Part 2)

Transcendence Or Sleep (Part 2)
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

It would probably have been dreamless sleep. As mentioned above, during CMR, we remain conscious, awake and aware. Although it can happen that time just seems to have slipped by and we were not aware of its passing, and we were not aware of our breathing, not aware of our surroundings, our hands, or limbs or body, we, as consciousness, nevetheless do [not] lose awareness completely. (In Transcendental Meditation they refer to it as a state of 'restful alertness'.)

So, here ismy assessment, based on some assumptions about when you sat up in bed, and so on. You were awake (possibly not having got out of bed, walked around and woken up fully, with washed face, and so on?) and then sat up to meditate. In your relaxed state at the start, sitting comfortably, you closed your eyes and without realising it immediately drifted off back to sleep for 20 minutes. Hence, after 20 minutes per the digital clock, you felt you had disappeared and had not existed at all. That sounds like the non-conscious state of sleep, without dreams.

If you had transcended thoughts and thinking, in CMR you would have still retained consciousness.

If your words were referring to egoic self, the personality, body, mind, sensory perception, then that might well hae been a state in which you had transcended all experience in the filed of phenomenda, and simply rested in pure consciousness, with no awareness of any'thing' outside that state. Again, though, a consciousness would have prevailed. As you would have been without any perception of time, it would have seemed as if the 20 minutes had just disappeared.

When one is in what people refer to as the transcendent, it is only when you're no longer without boundaries that you recognize that you had been 'there'. As soon as one has thoughts and realizations and assessments, one is already not there, but rather in the normal state of awareness.

To conclude, a deep state of pure consciousness can happen during CMR, which is a state of consciousness not UNconsciousness. In CMR we do not hold any goals or desires to reach any particular state or experience. Our ideal is one of allowing the mind to enjoy rest from its incessant mental activity an stimulation, while remaining conscious. As we use the method, we let our mind-body system follow its natural tendencies to allow more of our inner richness to express itself in our daily living.

I hope this long-winded response helps in some way to unravel the nature of what you experienced. In the end, only you can determine whether it was transcendence or sleep. And the key clue is whether you were conscious or not during those 20 minutes. :-)

I'd like to suggest that you take the free online course in Conscious Mental Rest to have a direct personal experience of this method of allowing the mind to rest. Once you've done that, I'd love to have your feedback.

~ Gavin

Did I Stumble Upon A Deep CMR Level?
by: VaL

Thank you Gavin for your help.

I am fairly certain this was my egoic self since I had been up for 2 hours, it is just the bed is the most comfortable place to set due to my age and bad hip issues. It's hard to floor sit and do a full lotus anymore.
When I realized the clock had lost 20 minutes, it was not through a sleep/waking state. It was more of a gradual snap back to a shallower level, much like from a daze.

I appreciate your long answer and the thought you put into it. I will check out your CMR method more.

Have a great day!

Transcending is Natural
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

You're welcome. Transcending is, of course, quite natural and can happen spontaneously if one has some time to be quite and rest the mind.

We don't need some special technique or coaching; yet having a little guidance can help too. :-)

So, you may well have transcended all activity and been in a state of silent Being. Only you will really know that. Have a great week!

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