What Is CMR?

(The Abbreviation For Conscious Mental Rest)

The term CMR, as used on this website, is the popular abbreviation for the method known a Conscious Mental Rest, an effective alternative to meditation techniques.

From meditation to Conscious Mental Rest

Several practitioners of various meditation techniques (including the TM Technique) have subsequently learnt Conscious Mental Rest. After completing the course most have reported that this is now their preferred way of gaining a quieter mind that easily and effortlessly transcends thoughts and thinking during their daily sessions.

Conscious Mental Rest is completely natural and effortless, and does not make use of a mantra. It relies on the natural tendency of the mind to want peace and quiet, when it does not need to be active for the various mental requirements of day-to-day living.

Do we need such an experience?

In our modern world we are continuously engaged in mental activity and have virtually forgotten how to just 'be' - be still - other than by going to sleep. Even then, our mind is active in dreams of various kinds. Moreover, we are not in the conscious 'awake' state during sleep. We are either in a non-conscious state, or we are in dream consciousness.

Conscious Mental Rest allows our mind to settle down to lesser and lesser activity and attain some quiet and deep rest while remaining awake and aware, yet not aware of anything in particular, such as being aware of our breathing, or a mantra. This is one of the main aspects that sets this method apart from the many meditation techniques that are widely used today.

The Course

You can learn this easy method right here on this website, absolutely free of charge. The course is presented as an audio instruction, with a guided session to help you along. This is followed up by six daily e-mails of additional guidance and explanation to make sure there is full understanding of the process of Conscious Mental Rest. (The method is so simple that it is important for practitioners not to complicate it in any way based on our society's culture that anything worth having requires effort. Conscious Mental Rest should remain effortless.)

Those who learn Conscious Mental Rest can, after some time of regular twice-daily sessions, choose to become a CMR Course Facilitator and administer courses in their own town, using the audio and other materials provided. This option is also free of charge. Yet a CMR Course Facility is at liberty to charge their course participants for their time and costs in administering such courses.

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