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CMR Seems Perfect For Me

by Andy

(Before coming across Conscious Mental Rest) I looked at another website and it has an enormous amount of very detailed practices. I did, in fact, consider using the site but was overwhelmed by the amount of material at ayp.

All I really want is a form of relaxation that works and has other benefits from this relaxation. I'm not sure how I found your site but the technique seems to be perfect for me. Thanks for giving your time to create it.


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All The Best, Andy
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Thank you for your comments, Andy. I see you've only just registered for the Conscious Mental Rest course. I hope you do indeed find that it is what you were looking for.

Feel free to give feedback once you've had some regular sessions with it.


will do
by: Anonymous

hi gavin,thankyou,i will do that.

enjoying it
by: Andy

I am really enjoying the sessions of CMR.being free from the mantra is allowing the mind to go deeper.

I find that Shikantaza has similar practice but with more padding about zen and stuff so its ok if you want that but CMR is good cus its all about resting the mind without anything added.

Also I like ADyashanti's allow everything to be as it is,again simile idea off not using mantras breathing and stuff to cause effort.

personally i like CMR plus the teachings of Adyashanti,they make a great combination.

But i feel confident to encourage people to practice CMR who want a relaxing time for the mind and body.
thanks again.welocme any comments in reply,

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