The CMR - Conscious Mental Rest
Course Facilitator Commitment

Facilitator's Role

I understand and accept that my role is to facilitate courses in Conscious Mental Rest (CMR), and that the actual teaching is to be done by Gavin Hoole via the audio and written materials provided by him through his website/s or other distribution methods.

Regular Daily Sessions

I will do my best to ensure that I myself have two sessions of Conscious Mental Rest every day.

Course Follow-up To Students

I will provide students of Conscious Mental Rest with the necessary follow-up information as available in the downloadable course from Gavin Hoole's website/s, and in the sequence and methods set out in the Course Facilitator's Materials.

Follow Course Material Guidelines

I will follow the specific facilitating guidelines, sample questions and answers as provided in the Course Facilitator's Materials.

Dignity and Professionalism

I will conduct all courses and other CMR activities in a dignified and professional manner.

Course Fees

I will be guided by any guidelines as may be advised by Gavin Hoole or the Conscious Mental Rest Institute from time to time in respect of the fees charged by me to students of Conscious Mental Rest.

Providing Feedback

I will provide Gavin Hoole with my feedback as I may consider useful from time to time to assist in assuring the best course administration methods for the CMR and Facilitator's courses.

Online Registration of Course Participants

Every student of CMR courses I facilitate, I will register for the online course as well, in order for them to be included in the database for access to the follow-up courses offered by Gavin Hoole.

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