CMR Course Structure

All the courses mentioned on this page are available free of charge.

(This structure might be revised at any time)

Conscious Mental Rest (CMR)

Part One: Audio explanations and instructions

Eight mp3 audio lessons - total time just over 1 hour
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Lesson 1: Introduction:
  • Just what does Conscious Mental Rest actually mean?
  • 3-minute audio explanation (2.89 MB download)

Lesson 2: Kinds of mental activity

  • 7-minute preliminary: audio talk and guided experience (7.42 MB download)

Lesson 3: At the shopping mall

  • 5-minute (4.44 MB download) preliminary: an audio journey and explanation I'll take you through to help clarify the process of CMR itself, in preparation for your first CMR session (Lesson 5)

Lesson 4: The Comfort Zone

  • 3-minute preliminary: guided visual experiment to further prepare you for the correct experience of CMR (2.86 MB download)

Lesson 5: The CMR instructions

  • 4-minute detailed step-by-step instruction on how to experience CMR (approx 4.00 MB download)

Lesson 6: First guided session in CMR

  • I guide you into and out of a short, 12-minute session of CMR (11.3 MB download)

Lesson 7: Second session of CMR

  • I guide you into a second and longer session of CMR where you will end the session yourself after about 22 minutes (20.6 MB download)

Lesson 8: Conclusion of the audio section of instructions

  • 3- Minute summary of the main points of the CMR process (3.12 MB download)

Total time of audio section: approximately 1 hour.

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Part Two: One week of daily follow-up lessons

You'll receive six follow-up e-mails - one a day - with additional important explanatory information, including some questions and my answers. You can also download a PDF version of each e-mail's lesson for future reference.

IMPORTANT: These follow-up written instructions are an integral part of the core course in Conscious Mental Rest. They follow on after one's experience of using CMR twice daily for several sessions.

Part Three: Follow-up support

Two weeks after registration, you'll receive one follow-up support e-mail.

The optional CMR Enhancer - after 2 months

After two months of regular daily Conscious Mental Rest, you will be eligible to learn the optional CMR Enhancer. Some practitioners find that this assists the process of gaining conscious mental rest. Others prefer to stay with the core CMR Method.

The optional CMR Deepener - after 6 months

After four months of using the CMR Enhancer daily (6 months after learning CMR), you can learn the CMR Deepener which which is intended to lead a deeper experience of Conscious Mental Rest.

For best results, take advantage of all of the above courses and follow-ups. The key element is to be regular with two daily sessions of CMR.

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