CMR Course Introduction

The CMR Course will help you progressively unlock the happiness you have within you.

Get the most out of this course

The course is not a series of lectures or talks that you can listen to while working at your computer or having lunch. So I would ask that you
do not listen to the audio lessons until you are already sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, ready to have the experience of Conscious Mental Rest©.

Course structure

This CMR course is the original pilot version of the home-tuition course I created on CD a few years ago, with a few tweaks here and there to adapt it for access via the Internet.

The total time of the audio parts of the CMR course is approximately one hour.

I suggest that you do not begin the audio part of the course until you have at least one hour in which you can be alone in a private space, and undisturbed.

Lesson 1 preparation

For Lesson 1 you must be able to sit comfortably where you won't be disturbed - where you can close your eyes while the audio is playing so that you can experience the situations I am explaining during the lesson.

Lesson 2 preparation

In Lesson 2 you will have your first session of Conscious Mental Rest© and it is essential that you are not disturbed during this 35-minute session.

Ideally, you should take the following preparatory steps before starting the CMR course:

• Find a quiet spot in your home – your bedroom, study, library or some such suitable place – where there is a comfortable chair or a bed to sit on with your back supported and your head not resting against a wall or bedstead.

• Put any landline telephones on voicemail, and turn any cellphone or mobile phone off for the entire session.

• If you don't live alone, tell those at home that you need to rest for about 45 minutes and they should wait until you come out of the room before talking to you.

• Make sure you will not be disturbed by any pets.

• Close the door and get yourself ready for your first session of Conscious Mental Rest© – i.e. audio player plugged in and ready to roll; seated comfortably as described; no bright sunlight shining in your eyes.

For your session of CMR© it is not necessary to cross your legs or assume the lotus position. Just sit comfortably with your hands on your lap.

Don't light any incense or follow any other traditionally Eastern rituals. It is not necessary for Conscious Mental Rest© and could well be distracting.

After you've learnt CMR©, if you wish you may continue to use the guided audio session (Lesson 2) for the next few sessions until you feel comfortable to handle the sessions on your own.

How to use the CMR Course audio files

Firstly, download and save each file to your hard drive.

Ideally you should save the audio files to an I-pod or CD (the two files will fit onto one CD) so that you can have easy access to the Play and Pause buttons and not have to be sitting at a desk to listen via a desk-top computer.

The Self-assessment questionnaires

Please complete each questionnaire as accurately as possible. Your feedback will be used by me to evaluate the course and make any improvements deemed necessary.

The self-assessments will also help you to assess your own progress and experience.

Are you ready to learn Conscious Mental Rest©?

Not everyone is ready to learn meditation. The same consideration applies to Conscious Mental Rest©.

If you can answer YES to all of the following statements, then you are probably ready to start enhancing your quality of life with daily Conscious Mental Rest©.

• I am committed to following the CMR course instructions to the letter, and to having TWO sessions of Conscious Mental Rest© every day, for at least the duration of this course.

• I will start the first audio lesson only after I have made the necessary preparations - e.g. downloaded the two audio files; set aside at least 30 minuties for the first session; set up a quiet, undisturbed place to sit comfortably for my CMR© session; switched off phones, set up the audioplayer where I can reach the controls without having to stand up, etc.

• I understand and accept that I am learning CMR© free of charge, and I am therefore prepared to make the effort to answer the self-assessment questionnaires before each lesson - as accurately as possible - and to provide any additional comments and feedback as I feel would be helpful to the creator of the course.

• I have had, and currently have, no mental, physical, emotional or other problems that might possibly be aggravated by experiencing conscious mental rest and relaxation twice a day. (If I do have any problems, I will first discuss this with my medical professional before proceeding with the course.) By clicking on the Submit button below, I accept that I take full responsibility for my decision to learn Conscious Mental Rest©, and I accept that the provider of this course accepts no liability whatsoever in respect thereof.

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