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Clearing Vasanas During Conscious Mental Rest

by Chris

hi Gavin.

first of all thank you for the gift of this course.
in a meditation site i previously use to read regarding using a mantra as you used to in TM,it was saying that the mantra because of its particular vibration when used had the effect like a broom of bringing up and clearing old stuff from the past/subconcious storehouse etc.
My question is with the practice of conscious mental rest,whats your opinion or experience if this practice without a mantra besides giving a nice rest to the mind/body,can it also work to clear stuff or because it doesn't use a mantra does this not happen perhaps.

thankyou for your time in regarding this post



You're welcome, Chris. With some methods and techniques of gaining deep mental rest without falling asleep, research has suggested that a different state of brain functioning occurs, indicating a different state of consciousness. During this state, deep stored stresses are said to be dissolved or released from the nervous system to help normalise the whole psycho-physiology so that it functions more optimally.

In some systems this is likened to a broom sweeping the system clean of old hindrances to allow one to experience a fuller functioning of the mind-body system. These stored stresses are called (in the East) by various names, such as vasanas, samskaras and others. Moreover, as you have said, the vibration of a mantra is said to be what brings this about.

Conscious Mental Rest (using no mantra) is not aligned with or based on any belief systems or Eastern traditions. It also does not have any scientific research to 'prove' what is happening during a CMR session or afterwards. So it would not be possible to try to compare it with meditation techniques of any kind, in terms of what is happening and what is causing what. It is 100% natural with no claims other than what practitioners themselves have voluntarily reported. So it is not possible to answer a definite Yes or a No to your question.

What I can say is that a fair number of CMR practitioners have previously used various meditation techniques, including the much-researched Transcendental Meditation technique, and virtually all of those have said that they prefer Conscious Mental Rest. Most of them also say they prefer not having to use a mantra.

So, that being the case, it would seem to indicate that Conscious Mental Rest is indeed considered by some to be at least on a par with what are regarded as effective meditation techniques, even though no mantra is involved in CMR. In regard to your question above, one will therefore need to draw one's own conclusions. ;-)


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