The Sustained Benefits Of Meditation
Require Sustained Commitment

Your Keys To The Ongoing Benefits Of Meditation

1: Meditate every day

The benefits flow into one's life automatically ... but ... you need to use the method regularly, every day in order to experience those benefits.

Exercising on a treadmill

It's much like going to a gym to get fit and stay fit. The first time you go you notice something has happened. You may feel stiff a couple of days after your first session. Then your muscles adapt and the stiffness gets less as you start to feel more alive.

After more time, your muscles start getting some tone and shape, and your energy levels improve. You may even lose some weight after a few months.

None of these longer-term benefits occurs after only a few sessions at the gym, or if you go for a year but only off and on, without a regular routine.

The same applies to meditation and Conscious Mental Rest©. Unless you set time aside every day for your daily sessions (usually twice a day), you will not experience the benefits mentioned all over the Internet.

2: Plan and organize your life accordingly

So, before you make the decision to go ahead and learn a meditation technique, or learn Conscious Mental Rest©, first decide - and commit to the decision - that you will definitely change your daily routine in order to accommodate two sessions for this life-enhancing practice. It truly is worth it!

Most effective meditation techniques take between 15 and 30 minutes per session. So you'll probably need to make some time management changes in order to fit that in - every day.

Without such a regular daily routine you will not experience the spoken-about benefits of meditation.

3: Use an effective meditation technique

This is a personal choice, but please do your homework before you decide which meditation technique to use.

Some are free to learn. Some are very expensive. And some are quite affordable. Sometimes a high course fee brings with it added value and personal 'after-sales service'; sometimes not.

Some techniques are not much more than making a mood of the whole notion of meditation. They're flaky at best; or a con at worst. Some are untested in terms of possible negative side-effects. Some methods do nothing for you other than allow you to believe you are doing something good for your personal development.

Having said that, there are also a whole lot of good value-for-money meditation techniques on offer that do deliver the stated benefits of meditation. Choose wisely, and choose one that resonates well with your own individuality.

I myself can only honestly vouch for three meditation methods, because there are only three that I have personally experienced for a sustained period of time ... like 30-plus years. They are:

The section on Types of Meditation explains my own views on the differences between the broad categories of mental practices that are referred to as meditation.

From there you can follow the links to other pages that discuss what makes a meditation technique effective (in my view) and some info and links to the three effective techniques I can vouch for, based on my personal experience with them.

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