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A Beautiful Tribute To Jesse



This beautiful video of unconditional love is very, very special. It was created, without any help, by Josh who has cerebral palsy. Josh is the son of my book co-author in Vancouver. The background story is given below.

A goodbye tribute to Jesse, my Nova Scotia Duck Toller.
I will miss him with all my heart and soul. 2001 - 2011. From Joshua....

In its first week online, Josh's video had been viewed 1,300 times! 20 days later nearly 4,500 views had been registered, with many viewers having added loving comments. Its popularity continues to grow, along with the spread of love and kindness.

Click on one of the images below to view Josh's beautiful video at YouTube.

NOTE: (at YouTube, by Josh's mom) Joshua is a special needs young man with cerebral palsy. Jesse, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever had his life cut short when stricken with canine leukaemia. Jesse was Josh's one true best friend -- he loved Josh unconditionally and vice versa.

When we first got a Toller, we were concerned that this high-energy, excitable breed might not have been the best choice for Josh. But we soon learned that although Jess would jump up and flatten anyone who got in the way of his excitement, with Josh this sensitive and intuitive creature was gentle and loving.

Out of Josh's extreme and distressing sadness, came the surprising ability to put this little tribute together on his own with no direction. It was not only astounding but once again proved that love has no bounds.

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(There's a second link to this video lower down too)

YouTube Video Link – A Farewell Tribute To Jesse

Note from me (webmaster):

I am including below (with permission) an e-mail I received today from Josh's mother, who also happens to have co-authored eight or more books with me. Cheryl herself is an amazing person, and a true friend of mine even though we have never met in person. We actually 'met' online in the 50-Plus Chatroom more than a decade ago.

Background story

Hi Gavin:

I don't know if you've seen Josh's video or not about his beloved Jesse, but I want to ask you a favour ...

The video is something Josh did on his own using his Mac and iMovie. He was busy in his room for two weeks and wouldn't let us see what he was doing. He kept asking me for photos of Jesse and I'd send them along, not really understanding what he needed them for, but thought he just wanted to have them ... because.

When he finished the video, he burned it to a DVD and then showed it to Paul and me on the TV screen. We all sat and bawled our eyes out. The fact Josh could even DO this shocked both Paul and myself. He figured it out himself. Somewhere in his brain is a spark of intelligence that we feel needs to be recognized. Josh is very proud of his tribute to Jesse. His overwhelming sadness at the loss of his dog is worrisome.

So the favour part ... can you tweet this out to your followers. My followers are all web designers and photographers *g* .. yours are more mental health and spiritual kinds of people. Then could you post it to your Facebook friends. I see Angie is really into dogs (love her for it) and animals in general. Would you mind asking her to also post the YouTube link in her Facebook.

Josh checks every day to see if his video has had any visitors and/or comments. It seems important to him that everyone in the world sees it. I don't know if you'll understand, but I also feel it's important.

You don't need to do this if you aren't comfortable doing it. I would understand. But no harm in asking, right?

Me: Of course I'll do it! And I'll even post it at this website.

To my site visitors: If after watching the video, you are moved to add a comment, please do so. I know Josh would really appreciate that. (If you don't have/want a YouTube account for making comments, you can come back here and use the Comments link below to add a comment at this site. Josh's mom will make sure he sees it.

Thank you.

~ Gavin

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YouTube Video Link – A Farewell Tribute To Jesse

May this expression of love bring you tears of happiness

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Comments for A Beautiful Tribute To Jesse

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The Fullness and Beauty of Life
by: Brenda Stephenson

Hi Gavin
Thanks for sharing this very touching and moving story about Jesse and Josh.

Experiencing the gamut of feelings of sadness from grief over Josh's loss, to Cheryl's and Paul's wonder and admiration of Josh's extraordinary accomplishment through to the purest of love between Josh and Jesse is a delightful reminder to stay present now, accepting and allowing life in all its flavours to flow through me.

Josh, congratulations on a remarkable accomplishment and for sharing your grief, as well as your love and happiness with humanity.

In peace,


Moved by Josh's Story
by: Romy Macias

Thanks Gavin for sharing such a beautiful story of love, love, triumph and marvel.



Tribute to Jesse.
by: Johann.

Hi Josh,
I have just watched your Video - 3 times - and I just want to say, you are a Star - No, I have got that wrong - you are bigger than an ordinary star - You are Jupiter, a Superstar. I enjoyed it so much and I feel so much for you, as I know how you feel, having had a similar experience. I am so glad to see that you love animals, because so do I.You are a creative young man with wonderful skills and I salute you, my boy.
Go, Josh, go.
With my very best wishes,

by: Celia

Hello Josh
Thank you for making this tribute to Jesse. Only a truly beautiful heart could have done something like this. Jesse was gorgeous and I can understand your sense of loss. I too have lost my beloved Gina; she was a Malamute x Timberwolf, and a soul mate. I feel I taught her to be a little bit human, but more importantly she taught me how to be a little bit dog and a lot more wolf.
With love

by: RRH

What a touching tribute to a best friend! Josh, you will probably never stop missing Jesse, but from what I can tell from the video, you can be comforted by the fact that Jesse had a wonderful, full life, because that is what you povided for him. Well done! You deserved to have such a great dog in your life. I hope, in time, you will be able to give as much love and kindness to another puppy that needs companionship and a good, loving home.

by: Esmari

Hi Josh
Thanks for making my day special with this lovely tribute.
You are surely a special guy, and Jesse was certainly a special dog.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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