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[HappinessHub] Farewell 2012 - Happy 2013!
December 31, 2012

Happiness Hub

Issue #23 - 31 December 2012

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New Year's Resolutions - Bah, Humbug? Or Worthwhile?

In this issue...

Well, we're nearly at the end of the year in which the world was supposed to have ended. Yet it still seems to be happily rotating on its axis and revolving round our sun. So, New Year's wishes and resolutions would still seem to be appropriate. :-)

This cartoon probably sums up the annual tradition as it applies to most people. Nevertheless, a new calendar year does seem to encourage one to reassess the past year and resolve to do some things differently in the new year.

The challenge is to decide on a resolution or two that are both worthwhile and also relatively easy to stick to.

Creating a new habit, or reintroducing one that we've allowed to fall by the way, is often easier than resolving to do something if and when one remembers it.

Below are two suggestions I would offer anyone who really wants 2013 to be a better year for them than 2012 in terms of overall quality of life and happiness. I regard them as core habits that give substance to everything else one aspires to. They are, in fact, the essence of the website

If you're already following these two habits, then perhaps resolve to continue and be vigilant about it throughout 2013, and to suggest them to others.

Two worthwhile New Year's resolutions

1. Set time aside every day for mental quietness

Take the no-cost online course in Conscious Mental Rest. If you've already learnt CMR, but are not using it right now, then resolve to resume your daily sessions. Also, consider inviting one or more other people to take a look at this page about Conscious Mental Rest.

2. Obey your inner prompts in all decisions and actions

Resolve to pay attention to the signals your body sends you, and follow through with 'right' action. Those signals are there to lead you into more happiness, better health and greater inner peace.

Follow the prompts of the feelings, not the arguments of your mind, or what society says is right for you. The inner intelligence of your own body knows exactly what you need, and when you need it. Trust it, just as you do when it sends a signal of sleepiness, thirst, hunger, elimination and so on.

Watch for the subtler signals too. It's like listening to your conscience: but a broader, deeper and more diverse conscience than only moral issues. I'm talking about the broader meaning derived from the Latin word conscientia - 'knowledge within oneself, sense of right.'

That's the same knowledgeable intelligence that knows how to heal a would, pump the blood through your arterial system, digest food, and so on.

It talks to you via feelings: 'Ooh! I need to wee.' 'I need to get out of this hot sun now.' 'I need to stop entertaining this gossip with this friend, and change the subject. It's starting to feel very uncomfortable.' 'I need to stop reading all this 'ugly' stuff in the newpaper; it's not making me feel good, and not really helping anyone else either.'

As soon as you sense a feeling of dissonance, immediately respond accordingly and change the thought or action to something that feels better. This is the habit that needs to be cultivated, and 2013 can be a good year to make more progress at it.

One more resolution 'for the road'

The first one above is easy to remember and to implement. Just follow the Conscious Mental Rest instructions verbatim, and make sure you incorporate two sessions of CMR into your daily routine.

The second one can sometimes require some practice - some Conscious Mental Attention, to 'hear' the more subtle prompts from your body as and when they arise. So here's a bonus resolution that can help one to become more sensitive to the feelings in one's body, as they apply to social interactions with others.

It's very simple, yet needs to be practised, even more so by those who are quick to get irritated or annoyed with others. So, here it is:

3. Be nice to others.

Does it sound trite? ... corny? ... obvious? Sure, it might seem so. But I can assue you, it is a powerful behaviour to adopt, and it will result in more happiness in yourself and in others.

What does being 'nice' entail? Well, that depepends on the circumstances. It can be as simple as remaining polite in an otherwise heated situation; or realising that the person on the other end of the phone at Customer Support is also a human being with feelings and challenges in their own life, and treating them accordingly; or waving at a neighbour; or picking up something a shopper with parcels has dropped on the floor, or speaking in a kindly tone to someone.

A good place to start with being 'nicer' to others is in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and suchlike. People often seem to take advantaage of the protection of their computer of smartphone screen and type not-so-nice comments or responses to others. You even see it in the comments below YouTube music videos. It is very prevalent in the comments below online news articles, where crime or political issues are reported, or celebrity 'news' is covered.

So, the habit to cultivate is simple: Be nice to others, in whatever the situation.

Let's all do our bit towards helping to create a better world with a happier society. And the place to start is with our own selves.


Farewell 2012!

Here's a little something for seeing the old year out. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. (You need To have Adobe Flash installed.) Feel free to send the link to your friends and family too, if you wish.

Clockwork Celebration by Jacquie Lawson


Happy New Year!

One of the best groups ever: ABBA singing Happy New Year!

If the video doesn't display, click this link to view it at YouTube.

While I'm in the mood for ABBA, here's their beautiful, I Have A Dream

Click here to view it on YouTube


Have a wonderfully successful, healthy and happy 2013!

Till the next issue ... go well ... and let's keep spreading some happiness.


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Gavin Hoole
Cape Town, South Africa
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"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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