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Issue #21 - April to June 2011

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A warm welcome to all new subscribers to the Happiness Hub E-zine. My apologies for the delay in getting this edition out to you.

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In this issue...

  • How to stop complaining - a method for friends or oneself
  • A 10-minute meditation primer for those with little time
  • Let your philosophical thoughts be quoted worldwide
  • New slide shows and other items for your pleasure
  • Useful links

How to stop complaining

Do you know someone who is in the habit of complaining a lot? Or are you perhaps such a person?

There's a pretty easy way to turn that habit around to your own advantage. Not only can you begin to eliminate a habit that does not add to happiness, but pretty soon (like, immediately?) you can shift into enthusiasm and action that will increase your level of happiness and start to grow a replacement habit that will change the quality of your life.

Even if you yourself are not a complainer, it's a useful tip to share with others.

To read more about this online, click here: How To Stop Complaining

NEW: A 10-minute meditation primer - free download

I wonder how many people hold back from learning to meditate because of one factor: time. It's a big change to suddenly set aside 20 minutes or so twice a day, especially when you have a busy life and time seems so scarce anyway.

Well, those people can now download a 10-minute meditation primer from the Happiness website. This should make it easier for more people to set aside a little time each day to get into the groove of incorporating some 'me' time into their daily routine. The mini-course will also provide the real experience of what it feels like to 'meditate'.

There's no need to sign up for any course; just download one short document, read the instructions twice, and start meditating. Meditate twice a day and, as soon as you're ready, extend the duration of the sessions, per the guidelines.

It's now even easier to share the experience of meditation with others, both offline and online. Just e-mail them the link to the Primer - or hand them a printed copy - and they're ready to start. It's available in PDF and Kindle format.

Here's the link to the 10-Minute Meditation Primer.

Let your philosophical thoughts be quoted worldwide

Do you have any of your own philosophocal thoughts you'd like to share with others? There's now a section at the website where you can have these on your own dedicated Web page so that others can copy and paste your original 'quotables' to their Facebook wall or Twitter timeline, and so on, as an original quote with acknowledgement to you.

For more detail click on Philosophical Quotes and read some of the examples of pages written by site visitors.

Sundry slide shows and photos for your pleasure

I've uploaded some more files to the Happiness Hub repository for your pleasure.

  • Beautiful Encounter With Hummingbirds - Photos With The Story
  • Beautiful Planet - 34 Photos From The Space Station
  • The Power Of Words - A Touching Video
  • Bobcat Climbs Cactus - Photos Of An Amazing Escape Tactic
  • New Book: How To Understand Women
  • Beautiful Iguaza Falls - A Series Of Aerial Photos
  • High On Sleeping - Rock Climbers Use Beds At An Alpine Rock Face
To view these items, click the link below. There are five items to a blog page, so be sure to click on the Next link when you reach the last item on the home page.
Happiness Hub Files Repository

Till the next issue ... go well ... and let's keep spreading some happiness.


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Gavin Hoole
Cape Town, South Africa
Unlock Your Happiness.com

"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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