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Issue #20 - March 2011

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A very warm welcome to all new subscribers to the Happiness Hub E-zine.

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In this issue...

  • Two new slide shows for your pleasure
  • A 10-second poll: Tell me what you want in this e-zine
  • Would you like to run courses in Conscious Mental Rest?
  • A really cute and funny video that'll make you smile
  • Solutions for spam mail stress
  • Site search at the Happiness website
  • Useful links

Two new slide shows for your pleasure

I received two slide shows via e-mail this past month, which I thought I'd share with you: A Philosophy of Old Age which includes some beautiful photography - received from Lindsay - and a most Unusual French Street Theatre sent to me by Ruth.

Follow this link to view these and other items of interest, humour, beauty or fascination.

If you don't have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint installed, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer here:

For PC: http://tinyurl.com/u5bsa

For Mac: http://tinyurl.com/d7wntm

A 10-second poll: Tell me what you want in this e-zine

Please take part in this quick 10-second poll to help me provide you and other Happiness Hub readers with the type of content that interests you most.

While online, click here to vote for your own three main areas of interest from the eight choices given. Thanks.

Would you like to run courses in Conscious Mental Rest?

One way to help others improve their quality of life, and help create a more peaceful world, is to assist people to learn Conscious Mental Rest - often referred to as 'meditation', (although it is quite different from traditional meditation methods and techniques).

Obviously, referring people to the online CMR course is one way to share CMR with others, one mind at a time. However, there is another way too, which is to run offline courses for groups of people at a local venue, such as a community room or hall, or at your own home.

Besides being a rewarding undertaking as far as helping others is concerned, it can also bring you some useful income while you're doing life-supporting work, part-time or full-time.

Curious? Possibly something that might appeal to you? If so, click on this link for some introductory information about the CMR Course Facilitator initiative.

You MUST see this laughing baby!

I've added a really cute new video to the page about the benefits of smiling and laughing. Click here to view it. It's at the end of the page below the Charlie Chaplin movie clip. Enjoy!

Do you have a solution for spam mail?

If you need some ideas for dealing with spam mail, or you have your own solution to share, remember: there's a section about this at the website. Click here to access it online.

Site search at the Happiness website

The site now has a third column on every page. At the top of this you'll see a Google site search tool. Simply enter any search term (e.g. facilitator ... humour ... consciousness), click on the Search button (or press Enter), and the tool will list all the Web pages on the site that include that word.

Till the next issue ... go well ... and let's spread some happiness.


Gavin Hoole Photo

Gavin Hoole
Cape Town, South Africa
Unlock Your Happiness.com

"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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