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Issue #16 - September 2010

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In this issue...

  • New blogsite: All the slide shows now in one place
  • Question and answer posts: What causes suffering?
  • Is gratitude a means to happiness, or a result of it?
  • The fourth state of consciousness
  • Useful links

All the slide shows now in one place

To make it easier to find archived slide shows you've seen before, and to share them with others, I've uploaded them to a new blog site, and also added a few new ones you may not have seen before. And because smiles and laughter are beneficial for health and happiness, I've included a few cute or funny slide shows or video clips as well.

The blog gives you a preview of the slide shows, but to get the best effect (and with sound) I suggest you click on the little 'Download' link below each item and either open the file that way or save it to your hard drive for viewing there. You are most welcome to share the blogsite's URL with others too.

If there are any items you feel would be apreciated by other Happiness Hub subscribers, let me know where they can be found and I'll see what I can do to get them uploaded.

Here's the blogsite's address

If you don't have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint installed, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer here:

For PC: http://tinyurl.com/u5bsa

For Mac: http://tinyurl.com/d7wntm

What causes suffering?

One of our subscribers has posed a serious question on the website, and I have given my views in response.

Click here to access the blog post.

Is gratitude a means to happiness, or a result of it?

Gratitude is said to be essential for creating a better life of health, wealth and happiness. But is this really true? Is this how it actually works? Is the daily gratitude journal, like the one Oprah and many others keep, or the Abraham-Hicks exercise of a 'rampage of appreciation', an effective means for experiencing true happiness and abundance? Or is this human quality an automatic and spontaneous by-product of being happy and at peace with oneself?

I am truly curious to know what others feel about this quality or attitude, and any role it might have in creating a better life for oneself. Personally, I wonder whether this is not one of those situations where happiness analysts have observed happy people expressing gratitude, and have interpreted that to mean that gratitude is a means to happiness, whereas it might well work the other way round. Is this perhaps another one of those cart before the horse situations?

What do YOU feel? Click here to access the blog post.

I'd be most interested to hear from you via the comments link at the end of the blog post, or by writing your own page on the site (per the link on that page).

You might also want to read these Web pages about gratitude.

The fourth state of consciousness

Scientists researching different states of consciousness have in recent decades clearly verified that there is a fourth state of consciousness. In this state, which is sometimes referred to as transcendental consciousness, or pure consciousness, results have shown that there is a unique state of psycho-physiological functioning that is quite different from that of any of the three common states of deep sleep, dream sleep and being awake.

Rather than regurgitate the research findings, which can be found via a search of the Internet, this page focuses on the practical and experiential aspects of the fourth state of consciousness.

Awareness with no object of awareness

Whereas the first three different states of consciousness - waking, dreaming and deep sleep - have different experiences of reality, the fourth state can be described as being the basis of all those other three states.

When you are in the fourth state you do not experience a particular kind of reality, as such. One might say that the fourth state is reality itself. It is a state of being to which most aspirant seekers of reality aspire. Yet it is devoid of conscious experience as such. As soon as we describe what it feels like, we are actually describing what it feels like to be out of it ... or close to it. The fourth state is simply isness... a state of being. It is neither a state of thinking nor of perceiving, as we generally understand those terms.

Click here to read more online, including Why bother about a fourth state of consciousness anyway?

Well ... until the next issue,

All the best.


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"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."


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