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Issue #15 - August 2010

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Different states of consciousness

There's a new section being added to the website, called Consciousness. In it I plan to discuss various aspects of consciousness including what are referred to as the seven states of consciousness. So, as a start, I have written the first two pages to clarify the basic idea of different states of consciousness. Your comments will be welcomed. (There's a comments box on the Web page, and also a link if you wish to write your own page about consciousness.)

Here is a synopsis of the first Web page.

The three familiar states: awake, dreaming, deep sleep

We are all familiar with the first three different states of consciousness: deep sleep, dream sleep and being awake. And when we think about it, we also realise that when we are in one state of consciousness we cannot possibly appreciate or even recognise a 'higher' state.

Deep, dreamless sleep does not allow us to know dream sleep. We are, to all intents and purposes, unconscious. However, in dream sleep we are conscious, and our reality is the content of the dream we are experiencing.

Similarly, while we are dreaming we are not aware of the possibility of being awake and out of the dream. Our reality is, after all, what is going on in our dreams. Yet in the waking state, we can indeed 'look down' at the other two states and recognize them as different states of consciousness. A higher state of consciousness can thus comprehend and recognise a lower state of consciousness; but it does not work the other way round.

The dream reality

While you're in the dream itself, that is your current reality. If anyone in your dream - perhaps a spiritual teacher - were to tell you that this is all an illusion created by your mind, you would wonder how they can make such a statement. And they might tell you that once you are 'awakened', you would see that all this (dream reality) is just a creation of your own thoughts, and that the real you is the witness behind it all ... and so on and so forth.

However, in that dream reality, such talk would have no real experiential validity for you. In fact, you might dismiss it as being the teacher's own delusion, or at best some exalted state of enlightenment. After all, in your dream everything is as real as real could be. You can see the wild animal, and so can the others looking at it too. Or, you know you are talking to the people because they are talking to you too. You did not make it up. It's real to you at that time. So it is pretty difficult to get your head around this philosophy that this could all just be a creation of your mind, an illusion, or 'maya' as it is called.

Awakening to a different reality

When you wake up from a nightmare, or from a not-so-nice dream - and are now 'awakened' - you then realize: "Oh, that was only a dream. Thank goodness it was not reality! Now I am awake and all is well again in the real world."

So, you get out of bed and start your day in the reality which is your life as you know it. And in that higher state of consciousness you now know, as a living reality, what that spiritual teacher was trying to convey to you when you were in the 'lower' dream state of consciousness. It was all a dream, a creation of the mind.

Now ... the question is: Is this the real reality we're living? Or is this too only the reality of this particular state of consciousness? Are there perhaps higher states of conscious beyond this one, where a different reality exists?

We'll explore these questions in new pages that will be added soon.

In the meantime, click here to read Page 2 online

Two slide shows for viewing

There are two PowerPoint slide shows for you this month, which you may not have come across before. The first is a cute one about not taking life too seriously, and the other one is a collection of some fascinating landscape photographs. I hope they trigger some happiness within.

Looking at photos of landscapes like those in the slide show always seems to touch me inside with a sense of awe at how life expresses itself in design, colour and shape, in a way that we can see and appreciate through our senses.

Every time we look at something like that it seems to nudge us with just one more shift in our own state of consciousness and perception. And every slight shift like that helps to take us a little further towards bliss and a broader perpective on life.

If you didn't have a chance to view last month's slide show, I have left that one up for you too. It's really worth viewing.

These are the two new files I have uploaded:
Don't Take Life Too Seriously:
File name: 2010.pps

Fascinating Landscape Expressions of Nature:
File name: StrangeNaturalLandscapes.pps

Click on the link to download the slide shows of your choice
(SOmetimes the server at drop.io is a bit slow in loading the page, so be patient please.)

If you don't have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint installed, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer here:

For PC: http://tinyurl.com/u5bsa

For Mac: http://tinyurl.com/d7wntm

Some of the other new pages at Unlock-Your-Happiness.com

Book reference: The Sound of Silence - Submitted by Pru Joy, Australia

New Website Section Just Started: Nutritional Supplements

What Causes Happiness - Choosing How I Wish To Perceive Things - by Romy Macias, Mexico

Feeling Cold or Not During a CMR Session, and Some Interesting Comments

New Site Search button added near the top of the navigation bar on the left of each page

Updates blog for website updates and other news

So ... until the next issue,

All the best.


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Gavin Hoole
Cape Town, South Africa
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"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."


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