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Issue #13 - June 2010

Firstly, a warm and friendly welcome to all new subscribers to the Happiness Hub E-zine, which is sent out more-or-less monthly.

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Lift your mood with a chuckle today

I have uploaded a very short chat between Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple Computers, and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft which I think you will find amusing. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it on to others. Here's the link:

What's been happening

Besides South Africa's preparations for the 2010 Soccer World Cup tournament, it's been a very busy few months for me too, here in Cape Town. So not much has happened at Unlock Your Happiness.com lately. But my offline project is now done, so it's back to what's important: expanding happiness. :-)

Hopefully you have been using some of the suggestions on the website to sustain your own levels of peace and joy, as well as health. To see what new content pages and blog items have been added to the site, click on the Happiness Blog link in the links section at the end of this letter.

I will soon start work on completing the remainder of the course materials and related download files for the various components in the course in Self-Alignment. (That's just a fancy term for describing the principle of aligning the egoic self with the higher self through Conscious Mental Rest and Conscious Mental Attention.)

These course additions will include:

  • the CMR Enhancer text explanation and downloadable audio files;
  • a specific programme -- an optional addition to Conscious Mental Rest -- that enlivens in our consciousness the three key behaviours for happiness. It does this by means of what can be called 'aphorisms' (as distinct from 'affirmations', which many people find don't 'work' so well for them). Aphorisms for health and wealth will be included as well;
  • the CMR Course Facilitator programme for those who would like to administer CMR courses from their home base, and in so doing also earn some income from their courses.
So, that's what's in the pipeline for those who want to take advantage of these really practical tools for expanding and sustaining happiness. And for the remainder of 2010, these courses will all be available to Happiness Hub subscribers absolutely free of charge.

I can't give you a firm completion date yet for having all the components ready for you, but hopefully it will be within a few weeks from now.

Feel free to tweet me on Twitter

Yes, I succumbed, and I'm now on Twitter -- LOL. Feel free to look me up and say Hi!: twitter.com/GavinHoole. On Twitter I don't just pontificate about happiness and CMR. I post whatever I feel like at the moment, which can be about income-generating systems, the weather in Cape Town, the baboons that visited my home that day ... anything.

'Cleaner' e-zine layout?

I have tried to simplify the e-zine a little, with less headings and links at the top and throughout the newsletter content. My main intention was to make it simpler for subscribers to read through. Some people like to read the news in the e-mail itself; others prefer to click and read things online. I tried to accommodate both preferences. But perhaps that just made it too bitty-bitty. Let me know what you think, either via Twitter or via the 'Your Feedback' link below.

So ... till next time,


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Gavin Hoole
Cape Town, South Africa
Unlock Your Happiness.com

"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."


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