That to which we give our attention, we enliven. And by taking our attention daily to the silence within, we enliven the awesome power of creative consciousness, in ourselves and in our environment.
~ Gavin Hoole

Happiness Hub

Issue #11 - March/April 2010

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Happiness Update
Have you heard of the daffodil principle?
Conscious Mental Rest - world's first weekend in-residence course
- Like to run CMR courses in your home town?
- Not yet taken the CMR course? (It's free)
- The CMR Enhancer course - audio instruction now available
Kindness lessons now include Glen Campbell lyrics and mp3 audio
Book suggestion from a visitor to

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Happiness Update

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The daffodil principle

A few days ago I received an e-mail with a beautiful slide show attached. The show is so relevant to the way the benefits of daily mental rest accumulate over time that I'd love to share its beautiful (short) story with you. It has lovely background music too. To watch the slide show
click on this link
When the slide show opens, click the mouse button (or press Enter or Page Down) to advance to the next slide.

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Conscious Mental Rest - world's first in-residence course

I'm very pleased to tell you that the world's first in-residence course in Conscious Mental Rest is taking place this month at a weekend retreat in Texas, USA. The course is being administered by a CMR Course Facilitator using the audio and written materials available in the Facilitator Pack.

Step-by-small-step we're starting to realize our mission statement: To contribute towards the expansion of peace, love and happiness worldwide.

Like to be a CMR Course Facilitator?
If you are using Conscious Mental Rest daily and would like to offer Conscious Mental Rest courses in your home town, you may wish to become a CMR Course Facilitator.

To download the PDF file for more info about the Facilitator programme, click here.

If you'd like to become a CMR Course Facilitator, use the Contact Me form at to drop me a short e-mail. Please enter your same e-mail address that you used when you registered for the CMR Course.

Not yet taken the CMR Course? (It's free)
Full details of Conscious Mental Rest are available at the website. To listen to the first two audio lessons, and to register for the course, click on the link below. The password to open the page is: Capri
CMR Course Registration

The CMR Enhancer Course - audio instruction now available
This is a subtle tweak to the CMR process. Users of the CMR Enhancer report that it takes Conscious Mental Rest subtly to another level and is worthwhile incorporating into the daily CMR routine. It adds no extra time to your CMR sessions.

If you'd like to access the CMR Enhancer course, e-mail me via the Contact Me form at the website and I'll send you the Web page address.


Try a little kindness

For your listening pleasure, I've replaced the MIDI file on the third page of the Kindness Lessons with an mp3 of Glen Campbell singing his hit song of some years back. The song's lyrics are on the Web page too. Enjoy!


A book suggested by PruJoy in Australia

PruJoy: "Hi - I have just recently rediscovered Michael Cremo's work - I first read his Forbidden Archaeology book about 15 years ago & was very impressed & positively challenged.

"I thought I would share this introductory pdf page with you too - he has recently released a new book titled "Human Devolution" which I shall definitely be purchasing a.s.a.p. - this page was produced by a website called "You have been lied too" which is also a book too but which I have not yet read."

To see this latest page by PruJoy in Australia - and to access the PDF file she mentions - click on the heading link above.

Feel free to add your own comments on PruJoy's page.


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