Best wishes for a wonderful and happy 2010. Here's your first issue of Happiness Hub for this new decade.

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Issue #9 - January 2010

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What’s New At Unlock Your

Since the mid-December issue...
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The keys to happiness - on one page
I sometimes look at my website and say to myself, the formula for happiness is soooo simple! Why do you need all these 200-plus Web pages to say it?

Well, if you do a Google search on the word happiness, 78 million pages come up in the results! So it's important to follow a good site building formula if a website is to work its way up the rankings and be found. This includes having a fair amount of content.

Nevertheless, I have summarised the keys to happiness on a new single Web page to pull all 200-plus pages together for easy reference.

Click on the heading link above to see if anything on that new Web page sounds like somethimg you feel you should include as a belated New Decade's Resolution. And, just like any New Year's resolution, unless we actualy DO something about it, it's still all just words, words, words and wishful thinking.

New pages by visitors
It's been a little slow to get moving, but there are already a couple of interesting items that have been submitted by visitors. Check out this one that came in response to the consciousness shift slide show.

How does one find time to meditate?
If you're already meditating, why not share with others how you manage to find the time. If you're thinking of including meditation in your daily life, then read what others say.

More site updates are listed at the Happiness Blog


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Stay well ... be happy.


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Gavin Hoole
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"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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I built this site myself, with no technical knowledge or experience, using a 10 year-old system. Now SBI! has an all-new BlockBuilder 2 that is awesome! I intend to create a second site with it and probably revamp this one too.

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