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Issue #8 - December 2009

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A significant change is taking place at Unlock-Your-Happiness.com. It involves YOU and all other visitors to the site. You can read about it in the What's New section below.

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Website Updates
What’s New At Unlock Your Happiness.com?

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What’s New At Unlock Your Happiness.com?

Since the November issue:

New Website Section: Visitors' Pages
Unlock-Your-Happiness.com is in the process of rolling out a new interactive feature for its visitors. It's the all-new section of Visitors' Pages. (It can be accessed from the wesite's menu button near the top of the navbar, called Write YOUR Pages. The links in this item will take you straight there too.)

You can now write your own content and it will appear on your own Web page/s. You can also upload your own photos or other images to support your page content.

No registration is required. Just start writing. Get more details here

CMR Course: 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee
If you have not yet learned Conscious Mental Rest and wish to do so, note that there is a money-back satisfaction guarantee. So far no one has felt the need to a refund, so that's good. :-)

Transcending thoughts is natural
The 'About' section of the website has a new page that describes an experience I once had as a child on our local beach. Not so long ago I realized that it was indeed a spontaneous and natural settling down of my mind towards the state of stillness that people refer to as 'the transcendent'. The heading link above will take you to that page.

More site updates are listed at the Happiness Blog
Click on the link above to see other changes at Unlock-Your-Happiness.com.


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Well, it's that time of the year again, called the Holidays in many countries but still called Christmas here in South Africa. I wish you well as you prepare for this time of the year.

Here in the southern hemishpere we won't be having any snow. We'll probably all be wearing shorts and sandals as we enoy the summer Holidays. Factories usually shut down around the 15th and don't open again until well after New Year. And the schoolchildren enjoy a 6-week summer holiday.

Holidays advice: Remember that your bank and legitimate websites do not ask you via e-mail to confirm or update your your personal details, username, password, etc. Those kinds of requests are scams, to be ignored and deleted. And don't fall for any e-mail request for money, even if it appears to be from a friend. Losing money unnecessarily is certainly not one of the keys to happiness. :-)

Stay well ... be happy.


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Gavin Hoole
Cape Town, South Africa
Unlock Your Happiness.com

"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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I built this site myself, with no technical knowledge or experience, using a 10 year-old system. Now SBI! has an all-new BlockBuilder 2 that is awesome! I intend to create a second site with it and probably revamp this one too.

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