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Issue #7 - November 2009

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Editor’s Comment…

I recently received a very brief e-mail from someone in the Philippines. I thought I’d share it with you. It made me smile and warmed my heart. The Contact Me form submission read simply:

“awesome website, it made me cry...n_n”

I just hope the tears were tears of joy because some content rang true for that visitor, and stirred his or her inner bliss. *smile*

In this issue...

Website Updates
What’s New At Unlock Your Happiness.com?

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What’s New At Unlock Your Happiness.com?

Since the mid-October issue:

Spam Mail Stress: What To Do About It
This is a new section on the website. It’s sort of like a blog where you can:

  • share your own anti-spam methods with others, on your own Web page on my site
  • comment on what others have posted about their own anti-spam measures
  • read comments from others about your system

Do you have an effective anti-spam system that works well, that you’d like to share with others? We’d love to hear about it. You’ll find the invitation form on the page at the link above. (Links to existing contributions are shown below the form.)

Open winmail.dat attachments without a hassle
This free software saved my bacon - and it triggered my happiness by reducing the frustration of not getting important attachments!
Free E-book: Make Your Knowledge Sell!
Many people sit with a lot of knowledge that other people would be prepared to pay for. Are you such a person? Have you ever thought of putting your own wealth of knowledge down on paper and selling it as an infoproduct that could be downloaded from the Web and bring you some useful extra income? It could be about your hobby, your experience or talents. Perhaps now is the time to give some serious thought to turning your knowledge into income.

Here’s a free 179-page e-book that will show you how to find "the infoproduct within", how to create and publish it, and how to market and sell it. Add to your own happiness by being creative and at the same time getting paid for your knowledge by sharing it with others.

New Route Map for your journey to more happiness
If you're someone who doesn't like wading through pages and pages on a website to find the bottom line of what you’re looking for - like the steps you should take to become happier - here's a useful route map you can download to help you take the shortest route to the key pages at Unlock-Your-Happiness.com about how to be happier.
Download Conscious Mental Rest Lesson 3 Free
Now available to all Happiness Hub e-zine subscribers. Like an effective meditation technique, CMR is a key to unlocking your happiness from within. Test the water with these three audio files. See below for the Password to access these ‘subscribers only’ pages.

You can access all three preliminary CMR lessons from these two links:

Lessons 1 and 2

Lesson 3
When asked for a Guest password, type in: Capri

More site updates are listed at the Happiness Blog
Click on the link above to see other changes at Unlock-Your-Happiness.com.


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Create Your Own Web Page At Unlock Your Happiness.com

Whether it be about this E-zine, or a page or a theme on the website, we'd love to know your thoughts. You can even create your own Web page at Unlock-Your-Happiness.com.

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So … till the next issue, have a great time.

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"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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