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Don't Stress About Trying To Find Your Life Purpose!
How Meditation Can Be Effortless
The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness

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Money And Me - A Contribution From Steve Nash, UK

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Don't Stress About Trying To Find Your Life Purpose!

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What's your life purpose?

Grrrr! Why do people make everything in life so darn complicated? Being told you need to find your own life purpose - because that is how to be happy - is one typical example.

Let's not complicate life unnecessarily

I remember when one of my daughters was a young nipper - probably in Grade 3 or 4 at primary school - she came back from a weekend school camp all screwed up with ideas that had been implanted by well-meaning folk.

Part of the camp programme included a project wherein each child was to work at finding their life purpose. I mean, for heaven's sake, we're talking here about girls of about eight years of age, if that. The problem was that a lot of the girls said they had discovered their life purpose while a good number of them just couldn't. So naturally the question arose within that second group: What is wrong with me? Why do other girls know what they're meant to do in life, and I don't?

I'd venture to suggest that the others most likely thought they knew their life mission but many didn't really know for sure what it was ... or what it would be later in life, because it would probably change after a few years anyway.

Perhaps one girl thought her life mission was to be a nurse, another one a school teacher, a mother, or a horse whisperer. I know many young boys want to be a fireman, or a jet pilot. In my youth - in the days of steam trains - being a train driver also seemed glamorous to some some boys.

Free yourself up! Forget about trying to find your life's mission

Yes, that's right. As adults we have a right not to stress ourselves by searching and searching for our personal life purpose. And we don't need to spend money on courses, workshops or books to find out what it is either.

I'll tell you now what our life purpose is, in two simple words: Expand happiness. That's it. That is what we are here on planet earth to do. How each of us does that is quite simple too. Listen to your body, your feelings. Do what feels good, right, joyous. As they say, follow your bliss.

And if that's not so easy right now, then when you feel NON-bliss, change direction and think, speak and act for less of that non-bliss. Although it may seem not to be such a 'positive' notion, choosing for less non-bliss is in fact choosing in the direction of more happiness. If you know that the wild flower reserve you're heading for is due north, but you cannot yet see it or experience its fragrance, then deciding not to head south, east or west amounts to the same thing: you're heading in the right direction.

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How Meditation Can Be Effortless

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How meditation can be effortless is an obvious question in many people’s minds, particularly after all the traditional claims that meditation requires years of practice along with the need to discipline the mind.

Nevertheless, Conscious Mental Rest© – which some people like to call a 'meditation' technique – is an effortless way to derive the same kinds of benefits that most meditation techniques promise - more happiness, better health, and so on.

These fairly new five pages on the website explain how meditation can be effortless if it is based on the natural behaviour of the mind and not on notions that the mind must be controlled. This information should be useful to both those who have already learnt CMR and also for anyone who has not yet decided to learn.

Daily CMR - or any other effective method for allowing the mind to move from its incessant activity towards a more settled and still state, while remaining conscious - is one of the two cornerstones or building-blocks for creating a happier and healthier life.

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The Ten Commandments Of Financial Happiness

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Millions of Americans have turned to Jean Chatzky for financial advice, thanks to her weekly appearances on NBC's Today and her column in Money magazine.

In her Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness Jean analyzes the results of a unique survey in which she questioned 1,500 Americans about their financial attitudes and behaviors.

She found that while a certain amount of money buys comfort, money can't make you happy - at least not in the way most people believe it can. But it can make you miserable, if you're managing it wrong. That's why it's time to make a change.

Jean's Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness are summarised, along with some comments by yours truly, on three pages at Unlock Your Click on the link below for this three-page summary.


Money and Me: A Contribution From Steve Nash, UK

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Steve Nash from Yorkshire in the U.K. recently submitted an article which is now published on his own page at Here's how Steve starts off his article:

"First, an admission, I'm not materialistic! So that means I don't want to earn lots of money just so I can waste it on a lot of 'stuff' (to impress people with?) that I'll probably stop using next year, just so I can buy an updated version of the same said 'stuff'!

"Much more important than money, to me, is time!

"So I'd rather earn £30,000 per year and be able to walk to work, rather than £40,000 per year and be forced to spend 2 hours a day stuck in traffic jams.

"More important than money, to me, is the feeling that I'm doing something I enjoy!

Click this link to read the full article by Steve:

And feel free to rate Steve's article and add a your own comment. After that, how about sharing your own ideas or experiences in regard to money and happiness, for others to read?

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In Upcoming Issues Of Happiness Hub

More about Personal Integrity

Being totally truthful at all times is vital for living a healthy and happy life. Yet not everyone manages to live life this way. Please share your own views about this topic by creating your own Web page at (it's easy ... honestly) :-).

Click on the link below and start writing now.

The role of kindness in being happy

There are three crucial behaviours and attitudes for greater happiness, and being kind is one of them. We'll be looking at this in upcoming issues, and there'll be some new content about this on the website too.

Why affirmations don't work

The use of affirmations has long been recommended by many self-improvement gurus as a way to a happier, healthier and wealthier life. Yet why do so many people say they don't work? Is there a way one can use affirmations so that they do bring the desired results? We'll look at these questions in more detail in upcoming issues of Happiness Hub, as well as in new pages on the website.


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Gavin Hoole
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"The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."



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